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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A new project begins

I recently received a wonderful package of treasures I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway from Baas Amazing Adventures .  In the parcel was a little packet of 2 1/2" Moda squares which immediately sparked a 'plan'.  (oh...and speaking of 'plans' - the Grande Plan is done, but pictures would have been as dismal as the weather has been today.  Hoping for sun tomorrow so I can show you how it turned out.).  


The latest plan is to sew together the little squares and then add some plain blocks to them to end up with a wallhanging.  I plan to embroider flowers in the plain blocks - sort of with a redwork-ish look.  

Here are the blocks...

I made prairie points from the leftover squares and plan to put those on the border.  Now, I have a question for y'all and would like your input as to what colour you think I should use to embroider the flowers?  I don't think red is quite what I want to use because I think it would overpower the pretty fabrics.  Black is too stark I think.  What do you think of grey?  Or do you have another suggestion you think would work?  I just want to use one colour throughout so whatever it is will have to work with all the blocks.

Over to you!!

I've found a few things you might like to check out....

1.  There's a really sweet table runner for spring pattern available HERE.

2.  HERE you can find a fun tutorial for a crafting organizer bag.

3.  For those of you with young kids, you might like to have a look at the fun use for action figures to make a lamp HERE.

4.  You can make your own alcohol ink using instructions found HERE.

5.  If you go HERE you can find a free download for some really pretty roses for use in cardmaking or scrapbooking.  Scroll down to find it.

6.  Pam Kellogg has released a sweet little free robin & shamrock cross stitch pattern and that can be found on her blog HERE.

7.  Last, but certainly not least, Karen Ruane is reissuing her 'Reinventing the Page' online class and you can find more details on her blog HERE.  The class has just started but there's still lots of time to register and play along.

Here's another of the autograph book entries - this one dated Sept. 7, 1932...

Along life's road,
Where'ere it winds,
Light be thy load,
And many be thy friends.


  1. Well, I love fact, for months I've had "Payne's Grey" on my shopping list for the next time I get to an art supply store.
    It was rainy here all day today, too. The only thing I created was a big kettle of soup!

  2. Love the pretty fabrics you won and are using Mary Anne, they are really lovely. Personally I think I would match the thread to one of the greens. I like green as a good back up colour for embroidery.... my idea is that leaves are green and they go with all the variations of colour that there are flowers, so green pretty much works with everything. Thank you for the links... the table runner is really cute and I liked today's verse! Have a good weekend! Christine x

  3. I vote for a pretty shade of grey. Thank you for all the links! Have fun with your new project.

  4. I was actually thinking that a buttery yellow would go with everything. It's perfect for spring and flowers, too, and wouldn't overpower any of the lovely fabrics. Nice win!

  5. Your project looks good already! thanks for the info.

  6. I like the sounds of grey, that would look lovely with the pretty shades of your wall hanging. Weren't you a lucky gal receiving all those pretties.

  7. Well...since you have asked...I "see" a very lovely pastel variegated floss to stitch flowers and all these gorgeous fabrics will tie together beautifully. We are having "Noah's Ark" rains. I hope the ground can absorb it all. Great links and thank you dear. Soggy Smiles...

  8. I forgot to mention how delightful your new Spring Banner looks.

  9. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Hello Mary Anne - I'm not sure about the grey - like Christine, I think green is a lovely restful colour for flower parts, and to pair that with a pretty peachy colour for the blooms would be just right.
    Very difficult for you !
    Best wishes,

  10. It's always nice to win fabric! Thanks for the links.

  11. Congratulations on the win! The blocks you are making are darling. (I won some small charm packs through a blog hop last year. I really should put them to use!) From the photos, it looks like there is a bit of white in the flowers of some of the printed fabrics. I would probably embroider white flowers. I have no doubt whatever color you choose will work out beautifully, though! Thank you for sharing all of the links. They are wonderful. That Avengers lamp you linked to is fantastic! I love the table runner, too.


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