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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some mumblings

As we sit here, hunkered down, hoping that the predicted large ice storm will pass us by, I thought I'd catch up with a few mumblings....

- for those who are interested in doll-making, you can find a number of online courses available HERE.

- if you happen to be wanting to knit a little baby sweater, you might like the free pattern that's HERE and there's another one HERE.

-if you're a Downton Abbey fan, you might like this crocheted hat 

- and if you'd like to crochet a pretty little flower to add to your projects, there's a nice one HERE.

- Pam Kellogg has released another of her free cross stitch patterns HERE.  This one is a wonderful bald eagle and American flag.

- there's a good tutorial HERE about how to fix a jammed sewing machine (not, of course, that it would ever happen to us!).

- here's another site for those of you interested in doll making.  This one leads to TONS of designers patterns that you can purchase.  There's another site HERE.

- if you embroider, perhaps you might find the free  vintage patterns available HERE interesting.  Or maybe the ones that can be found HERE. ... you will have to join the group (free) but the treasure trove of designs there makes it totally worthwhile!

- if you like free clip art, how about checking HERE  or HERE.   Or maybe HERE or maybe HERE?

- and for quilters, how about HERE   or HERE ?

- Can't leave the knitters out, so they can check out the things available HERE.  or HERE

There....I hope you poured yourself a cuppa before you started into all those!

And, because everyone likes a picture....

Another entry from the autograph book; this one dated Feb. 24, 1938...

Those who love gardens seem to have such simple needs -
Good earth, fair wind, and sun and rain,
Tools, plants and seeds.
Those who love houses seem to find
The joy that springs
From chintz and oak, and pots and pans,
and homely things.
Those who love life need only ask
the sky above,
a roof, a bed, and daily bread
and lasting love.


  1. Thanks for all the great links.
    Have a very Happy Easter.
    Hope the storm misses you. Went way north of me, thankfully.
    xx, Carol

  2. Thank you for all the lovely links Mary Anne.... will have to check them out later! Christine x

  3. Well, we've had ice pellets and are waiting for the freezing rain, so I expect you've had the pellets, too. Thanks for the mumbles, and have a Happy Easter.

  4. I just read that it's a fact that women who carry a few extra pounds live longer than the men who comment on them. Have a great weekend


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