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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring pillow cover

Over the weekend I put the finishing touches on my spring-themed pillow cover.  Many of you might remember seeing this piece in progress on my blog earlier.  I thought, being that the first day of spring has arrived, that it was time to put it on display.  Now I have to get busy and do a summer cover.

Here's another in the series from my mother's autograph book; this one is dated July 17, 1938...

At first I thought it hard to see
What life was really meant to be.
Sometimes I thought it simply grand,
Again so hard to understand.
Then I happened to discover,
That all are out to kid each other,
and now since I have found that out,
I think I know what life's about.


  1. That's very pretty! I love the little robin in the corner.

  2. Oooh your spring pillow is very pretty!

  3. A beautiful cushion, with so much detail and I love the prairie point edging.

  4. I could look at your spring cushion cover for ages, Mary Anne. There is so much intricate and beautiful detail. You are the queen of crazy patchwork!

  5. The pillow is absolutely beautiful. After reading your post, I wondered how a Summer pillow would be different than a Spring one. Beaches? Summer Sun? Maybe a Ferris Wheel. I'm going to be interested in see your design.

    Happy Easter
    xx, Carol

  6. Your Spring cushion cover is fabulous Mary Anne... such beautiful colours and stitches... lovely! Christine x

  7. it is a beautiful cover have a very nice springtime

  8. Beautiful finishing MA!!! Love the Prairie Points! This has to be one of my favorite pieces that you've done. But you know how much I love Spring!

  9. Your spring pillow is gorgeous! Love it. Now, if only spring would arrive.......... :-O

  10. Your spring pillow is over the top!
    The prairie points, wow, just the right touch.
    The robin is beautiful.

  11. Your Spring pillow cover is very pretty! Sure wish the spring weather would appear! It's cold down here.

  12. Oh that pillow is so delightful! I love all the delicate embroidery and SRE - GORGEOUS!!

  13. Your pillow is just beautiful. Your embroidery is amazing.

  14. What a stunningly gorgeous pillow cover! Beautiful, beautiful work!


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