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Monday, March 28, 2016

Pillow cover progress

So far I have added one element to my summer-themed pillow cover...

Looking at the photo, it appears as though the lighthouse has 'wings'.  Hmm....must add another cloud to mask that!

Here are a few highlights from my travels about the internet...

- this one is a bit late for Easter I guess, but it's really cute anyway.  If you knit (or know someone who is just learning!) THIS little fellow is charming.  (Scroll down to find it).

- there's a great tutorial HERE for making baskets from recycled blue jeans.  

- Karen Ruane has announced her latest online class.  This one is called 'Stitching A Story' and students can use a children's book as inspiration for their work.  This one sounds like such fun!!  Go HERE for further information.

- if you want to see some amazing needle felted art, go HERE.  Be sure to scroll down!

- there's an interesting stitch dictionary to be found HERE  and there's another one HERE.   

For today's quote (and perhaps for another little series) I will share with you one of the poems that my mother wrote...

I wonder as I dream tonight
In this poetic way
Will this find a place among
My dreams of yesterday.
Tis thrice we met since those long years
When another love held sway
Surely can't be love that now
Makes me feel this way.
It seems I need a shoulder
Someone who will lend 
The comfort of a hand on mine
True value of a friend.
But these are only dreams it seems
On foundations not to last
Surely there will come a day
Unfounded by the past.
It's true my heart is empty
But tis not made of stone
And I can find no recompense
Within the bounds of home.


  1. Thank you for the link to the needle felting, I'm now following. I love a red and white lighthouse, this is looking lovely.

  2. Hi MA
    You find the most amazing places on the web! I enjoy visiting the sites you share here.
    I'm lovin' this summer pillow SO MUCH! Great poem at the end of the post too.
    Have a great day.
    xx, Carol

  3. I love your first addition to the Summer cover! Beautiful! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  4. I love the lighthouse!

  5. Thanks for the links, MA! Thought-provoking poem your mother wrote.

  6. Good start for your 'summer' pillow.
    Thanks for the links. Karen's class sounds like fun, I agree.

  7. I love your lighthouse, Mary Anne. The stitching a story class sounds fun.

  8. I think Angel Wings are quite appropriate for a Lighthouse that saves lives in times of darkness and danger. Your pillow will be amazing.

  9. I hadn't actually noticed the 'wings' until you mentioned them😀 But, seriously, your pillow is coming along beautifully. Thank you for the links, especially the glossary one. I've bookmarked that one for future reference.

  10. The pillow is looking good. I have that stitch glossary book marked as well. A very good resource.

  11. Love your pillow - how creative. And thank you for all the links!

  12. Looks so lovely! Good start for your 'summer' pillow.


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