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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A decision, and some progression too

Thank you to those of you who weighed in on the question of what colour to use for the embroideries to go along with these...

Grey seemed to be the one I felt happiest with and a search through my embroidery floss stash came up with a greenish-grey that seems perfect.  I didn't want an in-your-face colour that would detract too much from the fabrics and, since the flowers I'm embroidering are mostly ones found in the summer, I didn't want to limit myself to making it look too much like 'spring' (if that makes any sense whatsoever).  So, here's one of the flowers..

Hopefully you can tell the colour fairly well from the picture (although it's yet another dull day here and photos are difficult).  There will be seven different flowers - each embroidered in the redwork style and worked on a 4" square of fabric.  

- - - - - - 

There are a few things I found that you might find of interest.  First of all, Kathy Shaw has announced that she's taking registrations again for her beginner's crazy quilt online class (free, btw!) and you can find the details on her post HERE.  Definitely worth signing up for!

There's a couple of sweet little crocheted  bunny projects for Easter that you might like to check out HERE and HERE.

And Then We Set It On Fire blog is currently running an interesting series on crinkling fabric and you can see one of the posts HERE.  Have a further check through the blog and you can see the rest of the series.

Pam Kellogg has released another free Easter egg and robin cross-stitch pattern and that can be found on her blog HERE.

- - - - - - - -

Another of the entries that appeared in my mothers autograph book; this one dated Apr. 29, 1939...

All the luck the horseshoe ever stood for,
Every wish a wish-bone ever knew,
And by every four-leaf clover's magic,
I am wishing that it all may come to you.


  1. I love that color!

  2. Your flower embroidery is perfect and the color is lovely. Fun links once again and thank you. All the Luck right back to you dear...

  3. The colour is perfect Mary Anne! Good choice! Looking forward to seeing this all come together! Christine x

  4. Love the green grey!

  5. Beautiful flowers, and I love the thread you have chosen! I think it will look great with your patchwork.
    Barbara xx

  6. Beautifully embroidered flowers, I think your project will turn out great. Thanks for the links, interesting.

  7. Thanks for the links. Interesting, especially the last one about surface embellishment. The Crazy Quilt classes will have to go on the back burner at the moment.

  8. Forgot about your flower embroidery - very nice. Colour is just right.

  9. Love the colour and the flower - gonna be such fun to see how it all turns out.

  10. That floss color was a perfect choice. I will enjoy watching this project come together!
    xx, Carol

  11. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  12. Love the grey and the flowers. Beautiful.

  13. Nice stuff girl. Its lovely to see your progress!

  14. your prairie points look fascinating, the fabrics you have chosen....


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