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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Collaborative effort

One of my friends enjoys knitting blankets and prayer shawls, but doesn't enjoy crocheting.  She has recently become a great-grandma and knitted a pretty little blanket and she wanted me to add a crochet border (we often collaborate on these sorts of projects), so here is a photo of the blankie....

I've also been spending an awful lot of time putzing about with my family tree.  My cousin has loaned me a bunch of old family photos so I've been scanning and printing them for my records. 

This is my great - grandmother.
Can't say as I would have wanted to wear that heavy black
dress in the summer time!!

Today the quote is from Theodore Roethke...."Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light"


  1. such a pretty blankie. i love putting crocheted edges on everything. it's the perfect finishing touch. i have lots of old photos of family in those heavy black dresses. love looking at old photos.

  2. Lovely blankie and no, I do not envy your great grandmother that dress - it looks most uncomfortable!

  3. What a beautiful blanket and your crochet sets it off perfectly Mary Ann! :) x

  4. Thanks for the tips, interesting as usual, especially the pricing article.
    The baby blanket is gorgeous, lovely crocheted edging.
    Thanks for sharing.
    'Storing light in their roots',good words.

  5. I wish I had some photos of my great grandparents. As it is I have only one of my maternal grandfather and two of my grandmother. Three of my grandparents died before I was born. It's only since I've grown older that I realise how much I've missed. It must be great to have a family record. Blessings

  6. The blanket is lovely, a different pattern to those I've seen and the edging also, which sets it off.
    I don't fancy the heavy clothing either.
    My GPs had all passed before I was born and on marriage I was thrilled to inherit my DH's.
    note to Leslie and others. We're busy living out own life and never think of ancestors until most have gone, so take time to ask questions of them about predecessors and pass on things about yourselves to family. Write everything down.

    Thanks MA for the links to knitting/crochet. Perfect timing for me.

  7. i went through a lot of family history, and even though I knew the names of the ancestors, it was always interesting to see what they looked like when photos were found.

    I agree, all those heavy clothes worn in the past would definitely been hell in the summer months.

  8. I'm with your friend here, I can knit almost anything but I really struggle with crochet, I just can't seem to keep how to do it in my head and I have top refer to my Crochet for Idiots book every time.
    I've got photos like that of my great grandparents, they always look so uncomfortable

  9. what a beautiful blanket Mary looks so soft too.


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