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Friday, July 03, 2015

Another collaboration and....drumroll.....!!!!

Last night I finished up another collaboration project that has been stashed in my sewing room for too long.  This little baby quilt was started by my friends mother and she was unable to complete it.  I finished the quilting (by machine) and put the binding on.  Now the quilt will go back to her family to await the birth of the next baby.

And....remember The Quilt-zzzzz?  And that I had some block off-cuts left over??  Well....last night I laid them out to see how many I have and how big a quilt using them might be.  Would you believe a twin??  So....all that fabric will result in THREE quilts (two kings and a twin).  It's the project that never quits!!!

To the right of the photo you might be able to see that I've laid out some charcoal 'bits' that will be sashing between the 7x12" blocks.  Those bits are leftovers from the backing of the first Quilt-zzzz.  Can't say that I'm not using every little bit of that fabric!!  Now - once I make it, what on earth will I DO with it!!!

AND - I'm totally surprised by the sheer numbers of you that were interested in my little rusty eight giveaway!  Thank you. the uber-scientific means of typing everyone's names onto pieces of paper, folding them, shaking 'em up, and asking handy hubby to draw out a name, the rusty fabric will be going to (and I'm so sorry that I don't have enough to send everyone some!)...

 Yay, Christine!  Please send me your snail addy and I'll pop your package in the mail the first of the week. 

Today the quote is  from Stanislaw J. Lec.... "When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet"


  1. You wait -- you'll make the twin, then there will be leftovers for shams..then a little something for a tea cosy, then a teeny bit for a needle case.. You've got the sorcerers apprentice of fabric!

  2. Oh Lord, not another one! lol! I'm glad you are added some contrast to this one.

  3. The baby quilt is so sweet. I love the applique of the baby. Now that's a lot of leftovers. I am thinking there will be lots of lovely projects for those leftovers, stitched by your magic fingers.

  4. Your collaborations are a great way to complete projects which may otherwise seem overwhelming. Uber cute baby quilt. Congratulations to the lucky winner. Safe and Happy Fourth...

  5. Have fun with your leftovers. That baby quilt is just the cutest. I'm glad that it's done now so that some future little one can enjoy it.

  6. Congratulations on finding you can now make those quilts out of leftovers. What a saving. I love the baby quilt is is so gorgeous.

  7. What Boud Said!!
    Have a great stitchy day. We will be celebrating big time in the old USA!
    xx, Carol

  8. Congratulations Christine, make sure you show us what you make with that fabulous fabric give-away.

  9. I have never seen babies appliqued on a quilt and it's gorgeous for the pattern, colour and finish. The love and enjoyment of 2 people have gone into this.

    Gee, you could go into business selling your magical, never-ending quilt left-overs.LOL

    Congratulations to Christine for the fabrics.

  10. Hello Mary Anne! How exciting to have won your giveaway! I'll be sure to post photographs on my blog of what I make with them! Have fun piecing your twin quilt! Wow! That fabric has gone a long way! Thank you again for the beautiful fabrics.... will send you my address now! Hugs xx

  11. I think the nicest gifts are those such as your finished off quilt, what a lovely thing to do. Although it may have been madness to mention it on your blog, as you could be inundated with requests for the same judging by the numbers of unfinished projects bloggers talk about out there lol! Could be a great ETSY business though. I know I'm full of wonderful ides for others :) Running away now before you throw a whole load of quilting pieces at me!!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  12. Congratulations to Christine on your win, looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

    Lovely baby quilt, Mary Anne, it was nice of you to finish it! Have fun with your left-overs.

    Barbara xx

  13. I love your collaborative works! This quilt is so sweet and beautiful! Congrats on the win :)

  14. you are going to stitch all those pieces together???? You're a better woman than me...


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