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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rusty Eight - a giveaway

I've been cleaning.  Shoveling.  Removing.  Sorting.  Chucking. 

Yeah, I know - who knew?

So, in the interest of getting rid of excess creative fodder,
how about a giveaway?

Up for grabs is a package of eight nice sized pieces
of rusted fabric (one larger piece has also been
dipped in hand made walnut ink).

If you would like to play with these,
just leave a comment on this post and I
will do the draw on Friday.

(of course this all depends on whether or not there's a single
soul out there who is remotely interested!!)

Today the quote is from Phyllis Diller.... "There is such a build-up of crud in my oven there is only room to bake a single cupcake"   (hmmm - oven?  studio??)


  1. I would welcome these fabrics in my home and they would make their way perfectly into a quilt that I have set aside awaiting for the "perfect" fabric!!! This would be awesome if I were the lucky chosen one!!! Thanks for your generosity 😉

  2. (Warning, warning... sensory overload)
    What a beautiful set of rustic fabrics. I love this mottled and dyed look, and they would be a great addition to the quilt I have planned for hand stitching when we are living in the caravan for a while. Very tactile.

  3. How very sweet and generous of you to share your beautiful Rusty Eight fabrics. How could you even think no one would be interested...hello...we are fabric-aholics who aren't ashamed to admit it. Creative Bliss and High on Life July.

  4. Love the look of the fabrics so count me in.

  5. Autumn colours would have to be my favourites. These would be lovely to win.Thanks for the chance Mary Ann. I would use them for a "wall" I am making in a fabric book. Hmm....I have never tried rusting fabrics.Must give it a go soon!

  6. Good luck with your clear out Mary Anne! Pretty giveaway fabrics! :) x

  7. Perfect for landscale quilt I am planning!!

  8. Oh ,those are beautiful and in my sister's favorite colors. They would make a great quilt for her.

  9. I think they're beautiful. I already have a piece of rusty yellow that would feel at home in this company, so, yes please!

  10. What beautiful colours. Just right for Autumn projects. Blessings

  11. What beautiful shades, just right for future Autumn projects. I would love a chance to win. Thank you. blessings

  12. Oh my, I'd love to play with them.

  13. Lovely fabric, would look wonderful in a fall themed quilt.

  14. Very generous give away Mary Anne. They would work well in a charity quilt I have planned.

  15. of course, we ALL want to play with them, silly!!
    xx, Carol

  16. Rusty Eight sounds like a rock band!

  17. They would be put to use in my home as well.


  18. Anonymous4:49 PM

    These are so beautiful. How lovely for you to share them. Please count me in. Stephanie

  19. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Good morning from England! Phyllis Diller's quote is so true of my studio/workroom! I am planning a crazy quilted rustic landscape 'picture', so these colours would be great. Thank you for offering them, a lovely gesture.
    I appreciate that you wouldn't want to post to the UK, but thank you all the same !

  20. I think they are lovely, just right for prim style projects

  21. Hello from Australia...what a wonderful collection of fabrics, i could dream but not stitch as i have just broken my right wrist

  22. Congrats to the very lucky winner of all of that rusty goodness MA!
    We are having a pause in clearing out here...but it sure does feel good to send some things to new homes doesn't it.


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