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Monday, July 13, 2015

and more bits and bobs

Quite obviously I have nothing to show you in the way of creativity, altho' I HAVE been working on a couple of projects.  One is a secret for now, but you will see it in time.  The other is to create a bag for a head.    A head, you say?  Yes, a head. 


Believe me, this thing is massive.  It's part of a human sized 'Furry' costume and I've been commissioned to make some sort of carrying bag for it.  Not an easy chore I might add!! 

So, for lack of anything better to show you, how about some more 'bits and bobs' from about the web?

1.  Pam Kellogg has put out the call for items for publication in the Winter issue of the Crazy Quilt Gatherings magazine and here's what she has to say...  "I'm currently looking for Winter scenes, christmas projects, snowmen, snowflakes, whites, blues, mint greens"    Please do consider sending her any photos, articles, how to's for the magazine.  Remember - the magazine is only as good as you help us make it, so don't be shy.  Share your work....let us see.....we really want to!!!    Go HERE for further information regarding making submissions. 

2.  If you like redwork embroidery and are looking for some Christmas ideas, go HERE (found with the help of Judy Cooper HERE)

3.  Sharon Boggon has announced a new TAST challenge HERE.  If you are familiar with, or have heard of her very popular 'Take A Stitch Tuesday' series, you might want to check this out, particularly if you would like to expand or improve on your embroidery skills.  I played along with her original challenge several years ago and I learned SO much!  If you want to learn more about what exactly is involved in the TAST, there's a link at the bottom of her post to take you to that.

4.  For the crocheters among you, perhaps you'd like to play with popsicle sticks and crochet.  Go HERE to check that out!

5.  Pat Winter has released a couple of new patterns via her blog that you might like to check out.  Go HERE for her publication re using shibori ribbon to create a butterfly and HERE for her sewing kit project.

6.  There's some fun happening over at Val's Quilting Studio - she's taking sign-ups for her third year-long piggy bank savings challenge.  The premise is to save all the loose change you find for a year and at the end of that time count it up and then go buy yourself something fun.  Go HERE to find out more!  (Thanks Renee for the heads up about this one).

Today the quote is from John Ruskin.... "The highest reward for a man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it"


  1. Now this Furry costume head is quite the character. A bag for safe storage and carrying? Sounds like a large sturdy drawstring type bag that will allow the head to "turn" any which way it wants to. Maybe the type that can also be a "backpack" for hands free carrying. My you do have some interesting requests. Please show us your finished results. High on Life Furry Head July...

  2. That felted mask/head is incredible! But so is the idea of designing a bag for it. I am preparing myself for awe :)

  3. That's a big bag! Thanks for all the links you're sharing. Can you set it so they open in a new window? I don't want to lose you all the time. ;-)

  4. That's a big bag! Thanks for all the links you're sharing. Can you set it so they open in a new window? I don't want to lose you all the time. ;-)

  5. Hello Mary Anne! Good luck with the bag!! It is interesting the things one is asked to make when others learn you can sew!! :) x Thank you for the links... I am looking forward to the next CQ Magazine! :) x

  6. Sharon's back with Take a Stitch Tuesday!! She does so much, sharing her insight and ability in hand embroidery, design and color. Thanks Sharon.

  7. a bag for a head? It's a good thing i know you or I would be calling the authorities...

  8. Egads that is a fantastic costume head! A shame to have to put it in a bag....have you thought of a something like a bowling ball bag?


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