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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Looking back once again and still celebrating

First of all, did you  know that today is 'World Embroidery Day'?  I didn't either,   What are you planning to do to celebrate the occasion?  I, of course, will be working on the grand secret project!

Please excuse the picture quality on this piece!  I thought that you might like to see it though, despite the poor photo.  This was my 2006 entry into 'The Quilt' (the breast cancer fundraiser). 

It measured 18x18" and was entitled "All I Want For Christmas"...."All I want for Christmas is an end to the disease that robs us of our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, daughters, friends and sometimes our men.  Hopefully this small quilt will help."

If you can see the snowman on the mid-left - it was one of my first forays into the use of waste canvas on my pieces.

 Yesterday was our monthly CQTeers meeting and the birthday celebration continued on.  Sue and Irene both gave me some fun things and I thought you might like to see....

Irene made me this adorable little owl, created from an Ann Wood pattern.  I promptly named her 'Hilda' and she will reside in my sewing room overlooking all I do.

Thank you Irene!

(she measures about 5" high)

Sue is the queen of all things paper (which we like to tease her about), so she gave me these pretties to create with.  I know these will be showing up on some of my atc creations in the future.

Thank you Sue!!

Our theme for this month was 'strawberries' and these are the atcs we exchanged...

The one on the top is by Irene, the two on either side were created
 by Sue and the bottom was mine.

Today your quote is from Melissa Loruso....."We cannot change the direction of the wind but we sure can change the direction of our sails"


  1. Your quote goes well with the breast cancer theme of your 2006 piece. An Elizabeth Edwards quote:
    “She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” One of my favorites!
    I love Hilda!!!!

  2. And a Happy World Embroidery Day to you! I'll be taking a bit of time this evening to stitch on a summer challenge piece that members of our stitchery guild are working on. A wonderful All I Want For Christmas quilt piece for a great cause. Love the owl too. I actually have that quote cross stitched with a sail boat hanging in our house.

  3. World Embroidery Day, thanks for reminding me, I will duly celebrate and spread the word. Lots of great projects in different media, inspiring!

  4. Hello Mary Anne! Another beautiful quilt and I love the little snowman! You have had some lovely birthday gifts but I have to say my favourite is Hilda the owl.... she is really cute!

  5. World Embroidery Day? I did not know... sadly I am not doing any stitching right now....

    Today I had to take the car in early for a brake job, tires and now they called and said shocks as well.. the final price will be a shock to the system... around $2500 I bet... sheeesh....... anyway... I'm staying home and doing housework and feel totally lethargic. I may have to drop onto bed for a nap...

    And... baking even though it is hot... I have rhubarb from a neighbour ...

  6. Your lovely Christmas CQ quilt definitely will help in the cure. We can never give up on this plight. I am trying to prep a small embroidery project that will be due this month in a stitchery swap Jenny of elefantz blog is sponsoring. Hilda Owl is precious! Keep enjoying your birthday every day dear...


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