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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yet more bits and bobs

Further in the looking back series... in 2006 two of my friends and I decided we would like to create 'decorated' bras which were donated to a local breast cancer fundraiser.  At the time we were members of our local quilt guild and we decided that we should cause a bit of a stir and actually model our decorated bras.  Of course with the members being a mixed aged group of ladies we were met with a great deal of laughter and bit of condemnation as well.  You have to realize that our meetings were held in a church and I suppose this sort of thing could have been frowned upon by some. is my bra, entitled 'Two Cats In A Bag Yowling To Get Out'....

and this shows the inside....


Today the quote is from Dame Margot Fonteyn.... "The one important thing I've learned over the years is the difference between taking one's work seriously and one's self seriously.  The first is imperative; the second is disastrous."  



  1. That's quite a beautiful bra! Very brave of all you ladies to model your bras, must have been a fun day!

  2. Great quote, thank you!
    You made that bra for fun, and a cause, but I recently saw one displayed in a store that was almost as embellished as yours - ribbons and beads everywhere - and with a "Look at me!!" price tag! Hardly created for UNDERwear, for what would you wear OVER it?!

  3. Hello Mary Anne! Lots more lovely links to follow up, thank you! Your crazy quilted bra is fabulous and what a great idea! Love it! :) x

  4. LOL well that's brilliant!!
    Love it : )

  5. Your title today should read, "Yet more bits and BOOBS". I love your story of the decorated bras and actually wearing them. High on Life July...

  6. Thanks for all those links Mary Ann. Adore those bras!!Those hand exercises very quick and easy.Thanks

  7. Your links are so attractive, I think you're trying to distract me from UFO assault. Great stuff though. I'd love to do a workshop on journals. But sometime in the future. Hugs!


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