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Monday, March 11, 2013

TUSAL and Knit

Oops, almost forgot to post my TUSAL results for the month (thanks Arlee for the reminder!!)...

Above is my pile of ORTS,
and below is my ORT jar to date...

If you embiggen the jar picture, you might be able to see the little pieces of paper that are tucked in with the threads.  I decided that, this year, I also wanted to keep track of the projects I finish and so I'm writing each thing onto a little slip of paper and including it with my ORTS.  At least then I won't come to the end of the year and wonder what I've done with my time!

and.....I've been knitting too.  This is one of the two hot water bottle covers I've done in the past few weeks....


  1. having trouble making a comment
    I have a 'thing' about hot water bottles and their side kick covers.
    MA, please let me know what an ORT is.

  2. You made hot comfort look pretty! Nice.

  3. Love the hot water bottle cover.
    Even though I have an electric blanket I still love and prefer my hotty botty.

  4. good idea with the slips of paper!!

  5. Lovely hottie cover MA!
    As children we always had one very similar to yours in our beds in Winter - brings back comfort memories!
    I've just had a catch up reading through your March posts - I've been a hopeless blogging friend of late - sorry!
    Did you ever find out what happened and why those people were in the lake - intriguing!
    Your white cloth is progressing beautifully, it's nice to have a project you can come back to. Another blog friend is doing three of Karen's classes simultaneously!!!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments!
    Shane ♥


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