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Monday, March 04, 2013

Lace knitting

If anyone had ever said that I would attempt to knit any form of lace, I would have scoffed and say no way, never, not gonna happen.  Well, never say never...

Above you can see Mr. Bird modeling a lace knitted scarf that I actually completed.  I won't mention the fact that there are a few teeny-tiny mistakes that hopefully won't be noticed.

Here's a close up of the pattern...



  1. Such a pretty pattern! Love it! I have a whole list of lace patterns I want to my spare time...?..!

  2. I have never knit lace either. You have done a beautiful job with nary a mistake to be seen.



  3. Beautiful! I could no more follow a pattern for that length than I could jog a mile!!
    It looks lovely, soft and airy gentle......nice one lass!

  4. It's just beautiful - just like everything else you do!

  5. Your knitted lace piece is beautiful. I don't knit but there is some crochet lace on my 'wanna do some day' bucket list.


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