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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Exciting morning!

Normally our days here at the House of Magpie are relatively un-exciting, with only occasional small blips in the radar.  Well this morning topped all the blips in a large fashion.

First of all, my friend Carroll arrived at my door for our usual Thursday morning coffee bearing this...

Here's a closeup...

Apparently I am on the receiving end of these because I have reached the ten-year mark of visiting the chiropractor (who just happens to be her husband) on a regular basis.  Wow!  They are absolutely gorgeous and the pictures definitely don't do them justice.  Thank you Phil and Carroll!!

Part Two of the excitement...

We were sitting, drinking our coffee and minding our own business when we heard a lot of yelling outside.  Some of you know that our apartment building overlooks the local river.  When we got out onto the balcony to see what was happening, it turns out two people had managed to end up IN the river.  You have to remember that the river is covered in ice still.  Of course there was a great deal of police, fire and rescue people running about.  The people got out on their own but we aren't quite sure WHY they got in there in the first place.  Perhaps they thought it would be fun to go polar dipping....or did they fall in....or did one try to drown themselves and the other jump in to save them?  Were they high on something and for some reason thought it would be fun to go swimming in the dead of winter?  Who knows.  It did add a certain element of drama to our usually rather uneventful coffee dates!!


  1. Brrrr.
    also am impressed by your lace knitting.
    Now going to prove I am not a robot (I hope)

  2. well you certainly see life even without going far!!
    fabulous flowers mind you........tho I have to ask, after 10 he any good or is he still just practicing? lol

  3. Beautiful flowers, and a nice surprise I love orchids.
    re the people in the river the mind boggles sometimes at what can happen.

  4. Happy 10-Year Chiro Anniversary! The flowers are gorgeous. What's a coffee break without a little drama?


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