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Friday, March 29, 2013

The reveal....

Remember yesterday I showed you pictures of some metal napkin rings and a wooden bowl that I picked up at the thrift store? 

This morning I fiddled about and this is what I created with them (with the addition of some denim scraps)...

I have the idea in mind that a sectional pincushion such as this would serve nicely to divide the different types of needles.  Total cost?....probably $2.

Happy Easter everyone!
May it be blessed and safe for all of you.


  1. Brilliant! and yes a great idea to separate needles and pins too that way

  2. You are so clever. Happy Easter to you too.

  3. Well,are you clever or what? great idea. And execution!

    Happy Easter to you and your family, too.

  4. well good morning Miss Creative!
    LOVE your creation.... good price too:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog... Will be drawing for the bracelet to-morrow!!
    Have a very Happy Easter

  5. wow!! amazing idea....

  6. Perfect! Clever clogs, eh?
    Hoppy Easter!

  7. Hi, you need to pop on over and check out yesterdays blog post!
    Carole x

  8. very creative use of those items and such good value. I like the idea of the different needles having there own sections.

  9. Very creative and so "out of the box"! It is so practical as well. I never would have thought of this. Thanks so much for sharing.


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