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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


There's been no air-brushing,
no tidying,
no face lifting 
done in preparation 
for this post.

Consider yourself forewarned!

A number of posters throughout the blogging world seem to be doing some organization and overhauls of their studios and/or working spaces.  I thought perhaps it might be interesting to show my closet space in what I tongue-in-cheek call my 'studio' (which also serves as a second bedroom with a pull-out couch; the computer room; the only-place-where-the-water-cooler-would-fit; AND a bedroom for the cat).  

Please keep in mind that I haven't done any tidying 
prior to taking these pictures!

Lower right side

Upper right side
Upper left side

If you click to embiggen you can see more of the finer details (but perhaps you prefer not to!).  Anyhoo... the lower right side of the closet has two 5-drawer shelving units that pretty much hold my crazy quilting fabric stash, sorted and labelled as to colour.  The middle of that photo has another 5-drawer unit on the left side (more fabric storage) and the right side has more plastic units with smaller drawers that hold various crafting supplies.   The upper right side photo shows the plastic shoe boxes I use for further storage - all labelled.

The middle photo shows the upper left side - again, another plastic shelving unit.  My handy hubby added the shelf and above that I store various sized plastic containers that hold yet more supplies.  The 'lower left side' photo is conspicuously absent due to the fact that you really don't want to see the cat litter box!!

I don't know if there are any ideas here that might be useful to anyone, but for lack of anything better to mumble about today, I thought I'd share. 


  1. Your "studio" looks pretty darned organized to me!!
    xx, Carol

  2. MaryAnn, you're so organised ! Wish I had everything sorted and labelled like that. I have the luxury of a dedicated room, but it's such a mess, perhaps I should downsize to a cupboard too LOL
    Cheers from across the Pacific
    Christine in sunny Sydney Australia

  3. MA, you're so organised with everything sorted and labelled. Wish I could do that in my room, perhaps I need to downsize to a cupboard to get that level of organisation LOL
    Cheers from sunny Sydney Australia

  4. You look pretty organised to me...I would say you know exactly what is inside all those boxes.

  5. Your closets are jammed packed but you know exactly where everything I say...way to go. You really should see mine...oh boy now that is one big mess I don't want to talk about.

  6. If this is what it looks like with no special organization, I bow down in awe! all those labels, all that neatness and readiness...

  7. Oh MY!!!
    I wish I could be like you.. You are definitely organized....I Love how you have everything neatly labelled.. Is there a book on the subject that I could study?.. which reminds me a friend gave me a book called Clutter Control"....wonder where that could be??
    Me on the other hand am a lost cause...
    I never did learn anything when I was growing up.. I was the only child and Mother did everything for me until the day I was married.. It wasn't that I didn't want to do things but Mother would say here let me do that for you dear !! in other words I could not do it good enough and she couldn't stand it!!! Bless her.. She was the sweetest and I loved her dearly but I did not even know how to boil water when I got married!!! Poor DH!
    We live in a 4 bedroom bungalow with a completely finished lower level with a large window sliding door that walks out onto the lower patio and the garden..
    I use 90% of that space for my 5 sewing machines and MOI!
    The other 10% is a guest bedroom and a 4 piece bath..
    My DH HAD plans for his pool table but that lasted for awhile until I discovered it made a wonderful work space for cutting fabric etc...I put my door on top and use that where I cut.. (You do have a door don't you?) I remember years ago a quilt shop owner said get a door.. and you can baste a king size quilt on it doing it in quarters... so I did and yes it works beautifully.
    The other bedroom with walk in closet is all fabric!!!!!!!!!!
    I know I am ashamed to admit it but I do so many other things that require different fabrics and well a sale ia a sale:)
    I have to admit it keeps me awake at night worrying about the OVERSTOCK and I did give away about 12 garbage bags full of fabric that I didn't use anymore free on kijji,, That went fast..
    One day I got so discouraged I said to DH I think I will just call Liquidation world in and get rid of of all.. but I quickly returned to reality...very quickly...
    This is my life and I love every pile of "stuff"..Ever throw anything away and need it next week?!?!
    So If you ever see a picture of my studio you will know miracles do happen...
    Now I am off to play:)

  8. Where is all your other stuff? LOL!

  9. Wot? no felted bags?

  10. Well Im impressed.........and too ashamed to show you my undisciplined stash lol


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