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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pincushions and rust?

Over the weekend I created a new pincushion - this one is oversized and just what I wanted...

There's a lovely 'well' in the center which is perfect to store my ORTS as I go along each month.  I can sort each of my needle types (loosely) into the sections on the cushion - much easier than having to keep hunting all over my current pincushion. Another bonus is that this one will hold *tons* of needles!

Pattern is from a free tutorial found HERE  and the fabric I used is hand dyed by Vicki Welsh.  Vicki was also the one who pointed me to the great tutorial. 
- - - - - - - -

The below picture isn't related to pincushions 
other than by the tone of colour...

Please do embiggen this picture so you
can see the detail!!

Can you guess where/what it is??


  1. I love the pattern and colors. And that pincushion - I had printed out the tutorial for it awhile back but still haven't made it. You're smarter to just buy it!

  2. OOps! I just saw that you actually made it. I'm impressed. I thought it looked like such a fun thing to make. Now that I'm done with my postcard swap maybe I should get busy on one.

  3. Is it lichen growing on a headstone? I saw something like it on a recent visit to a cemetery.

  4. Isn't that pin cushion great? I love having mine on my cutting table. It looks great in the fabric too!

  5. That is one cool double-duty pin cushion!
    Is that orange lichen on a rock?

  6. This pincushion is an EXCELLENT idea. I can see that it makes it easy to keep your needles and pins sorted.

    I don't have a clue what that rust is WILL reveal...won't you?
    xx, Carol

  7. rock lichen in your park?
    hmm, love the idea of a pincushion with an inside--but i do love the lovely rusted needlecase you sent me for my needles--goes everywhere with me

  8. Just had to pop in to see what you are up to... I LOVE the pincushion and the dyed fabric you used... I remembered I had this pattern! I am beginning to think I just collect patterns so this is very refreshing to see one comlete:)
    I just finished my journal that I have been working on forever. It was from Caroles Brugar's class.It was a lot of fun and would love to do another but when is the question:(
    I just posted about it..If you have a minute take a peek

  9. Nope, can't guess. Nice pincushion tho, like th eidea of a centre well.

  10. Very cool pincushion!!! I may need to make one of these. As for the other pic, I can't guess.

  11. This is a wonderful pincushion, I love the whole concept of having an open middle, and the hand dyed fabric is to dye for *wink, no really, at first look I thought you had been needle felting. Love it !

  12. What a great idea for a pin cushion!

  13. Just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing well. What a cool pin cushion.

  14. Perfect! I am forever searching my pin cushion for the right needle. I love this! That fabric is also great. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Egads!!! I LOVE THAT PINCUSHION!!!
    I am doing a post on some I have made and I will have to link to this one as it is so great!

  16. Not so ugly. I checked out the pattern and it is very cleverly made!

  17. I agree with Janet that it isn't ugly at all......the colors in the fabric almost make it look like stained glass.....and it really is very practical!

  18. This is a fantastic pin cushion idea. Love it..xox


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