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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Today our kitchen sink is a plant nursery.  The aloe plant was in dire need of splitting up so I now have three babies and a momma plant.  One of my orchid cactus' was trying to leave this mortal earth so I threw caution to the wind and stuck some springs into some fresh soil and will hope for the best. 

The cactus used to do really well in a north-facing window when we lived at the house, but we only have east windows here and they are struggling to acclimatize. 


  1. Those are good looking aloes. Such a familiar sight, plants being nurtured in the sink!

  2. Poor babies, they'll be better soon...

  3. drivel??? you promised me drivel???

  4. green fingers too eh!
    New Stitch is here and its another good one!


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