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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not rust?

A number of you guessed correctly yesterday - the photo was of some wonderful lichen that was on a very old tombstone.  It looks so much like rust and has such a beautiful texture.  Meant to say yesterday that you're welcome to abscond with the image and use it in any way you see fit.  It's too nice not to share!

In other news, I've signed on to take Karen Ruane's latest online class 'An Embroiderers Ledger' and I'm SO excited about it.  Yesterday I made a trip to the art store and picked up my sketchbook and now I'm poised and ready to learn.  I know, from having taken her white class before that I'm in for a good time and will learn a great deal.


  1. Hi Magpie! I love your pincushion in the post below. I've never seen one like that before...Those ladybugs are just wonderful. Thanks for the link...Have fun with your embroidery ledger. It's always exciting to learn new things! :) Paulette

  2. Thanks for stopping by.. I really enjoyed the class with Kiwi Carole.I guess I had forgotten you took the class too. I have a bunch of books gutted and ready to do more....It is addictive..BUT since it took me forever to finish this one I think I have a lifetime supply!!
    I gotta go see what class you are taking.. Sounds interesting. I am taking a class on Joggles to do a stumpwork beetle.. I was intrigued and can't wait.. I have lesson #1 but have not had time to start..Does the word "Clone" mean anythingVBG

  3. Thanks for the link!

    Elizabeth, Sew in Love.=)

  4. I am catching up on my reading so I have not seen the rust photo yet. but I look forward to seeing it. Those Ladybugs are great!

  5. Lucky you! Enjoy your new class.


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