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Monday, June 04, 2012

Interesting find

We were making some donations to our local thrift store on the weekend and I stumbled across a package of assorted hankies and doilies and discovered this hankie....

I was intrigued by the possible history so I 'googled' to see what came up.  As it turns out the HMCS Venetia was a ship used in World War II.  It was commissioned and built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding Company in Scotland in October of 1917.  She had a speed of 34 knots, weighed 1100 tons, and had a crew of 134.  According to the records I found she flew under the Canadian flag .  Her forward was set on fire 23/05/1940 by gunfire from the Germans captured by the French shore batteries.  She was also damaged in collision with the yacht 'Amuree' off Dunkirk.  She was 'lost' (sunk) off the Knob Buoy in the Thames estuary 19/10/1940 and at that time was under the command of Desmond Craig.

Just another interesting find while thrifting!


  1. How cool is that!Good Find!

  2. Wow, wouldnt that be lovely to have if you were some relative of the event!
    Interesting find..

  3. Very sad to think of those drowned souls on board.

  4. Isn't it neat to be able to research the source of a vintage piece. A very cool piece to find!

  5. What an interesting find. It is always fascinating to think of the history of something you find.

  6. that is quite a lovely treasure you rescued MA and isn't the internet fabulous...we have everything at our fingertips!

    Happy June

  7. Things like that are rare! I'd be using it in something special if possible. I have a piece of parachute silk from Canadian Cottons in Hamilton Ontario stamped with "Irvine", the parachute makers of then (and now) that is 70 years old!


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