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Saturday, June 09, 2012

1940's knitting

We have a little lending library in our laundry room here and sometimes I find real gems there.  This little knitting book dated 1942 is my latest find.   Here's the cover...

There are 112 pages of patterns for men, women, children and babies inside.  I thought the words inside the cover are worth repeating here..

quote..." There's work in plenty for willing hands, especially for those of us who can KNIT.  For knitting today ranks among the most important war services.  The men of our fighting forces, both at home and abroad, are looking to us for the knitted comforts they will so sorely need during the coming winter.  Warm clothing is urgently needed by the Navy and Merchant Seamen - guardians of Britain's lifeline and our own.  And what of Britain's citizens - many of whom depend on help sent from Canada? The Red Cross, The Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire and other Canadian organizations appeal to you to see that adequate supplies of warm clothes are forthcoming during the winter months.  Knitted things for women, children and babies are especially urgently needed.  There is an old saying: "He gives twice who gives quickly." Start your winter war knitting now -wtih Lux Knitting Book patterns to help you!  The new 1942 Lux Knitting Book is dedicated to you and all generous-hearted women who are helping to keep the flag flying on the home front."...unquote.

The book if filled with charming illustrations such as the one below.  I'll try to post a few more 'bits' from the book in the next while.
You can click on the pictures to embiggen them if you'd like to see the detail!


  1. This is great! is it from the Lux soap people? that's what you washed your woollies in! do show us more of this.

  2. What a great find!
    What a joy too, to have a mini library amongst you all.
    I have had a package arrive! Whoop, whoop..SMashing !
    Will be posting you some tasty mags on monday......another great Workbox and Stitch plus a couple of others that might be of interest. : )

  3. Those were the good old days:)

  4. What do you mean you have a little lending library in your laundry?

  5. That little gem might take a while to be returned to the laundry.

  6. Great find!! May be you could start another series of Christmas gifts with the patterns in this one :)

  7. a library in your laundry....what a brilliant idea!


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