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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A moose!

I haven't been home long enough today to do anything worth showing you,
so instead I'm posting a couple of pictures of 
a moose that #2 son and daughter-in-love 
took when they were in 
Algonquin Park a few 
weeks ago. 

I have yet to see a moose in the wild, so
they were extremely lucky to come across this one.


Mimi said...

You must come up to Northwestern Ontario (north of Lake Superior), we have moose roaming all over the place and bears too!

Marie Alton said...

Oh ... MA ... isn't this cool?!!
From the pic ... and lack of antlers ... I'm betting this is a young female ... isn't she pretty?

Paul & I & kids did a lot of camping on Manitoulin Island years back & had more than one moose encounter ... they are such graceful animals for their size & quite a treat to observe!

Hugs ... Marie

Pam Kellogg said...

Wow! I saw a moose in the wild up in Minnesota many years ago. Standing in the middle of the road as we came around a curve at 50 miles per hour. Thank goodness for brakes! Very beautiful creatures. This one had a full rack of antlers.

arlee said...

everytime i see one for real, i squeal--there's something about them, big and dignified, and with the softest looking noses :) (mind you that's from INSIDE the car, as i'd never want to tangle with one!)

Boud said...

I was in Algonquin Park many many years ago, on a family camping trip, no moose, but a wonderful sight of the Northern Lights, never forgot it.

I can't say I'm very keen on getting up close and personal to a moose, though, I mean, they're biiiiiiiig.

kaiteM said...

and it's quite a pretty one too. where are the horns?

karen said...

it's a proper menagerie in your world...geese and moose!!