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Monday, October 24, 2011

Mumbling again

The Creativ Festival ended up being rather a disappointment.  I've missed going for two or three years and was quite surprised to see that the entire size of the show has been cut in half.  Whether that is simply a sign of the times or because the cost of having a booth at the show is too high, I don't know.  Having half the space meant that everything was crammed in; the aisles between the displays were narrow too.  Several of the vendors that I particularly like weren't there at all.  The major sewing machine companies were represented but without the space they formerly had.  The machines looked all scrunched together and it wasn't at all an invitation to test them out. 

I only purchased two things.  This lovely trim caught my eye.  It will most likely be torn apart
 for the pretty flowers. 

This book was on my wish list before I went so I felt lucky to find a copy.  Whitework has fascinated me for a long time so I know this book will be a good read. 

Specs:  'A-Z of Whitework" - Book 1, published by Country Bumpkin Publications,  C2007, ISBN 9-9757094-9-6


  1. i've been thinking about you, how's that furniture moving going and are the kickboards in place yet?

    you do know that Karen Ruane (i think that's right) is doing a whitework class online some time soon?

    pretty flowers, cut them apart gently, don't "tear them up"!

  2. Well then, if your revue is anything to go by, I'm glad I saved my money and stayed home. Have you ever gone to the spring one? It was always smaller but still had many vendors.

  3. That's too bad it's getting so small. We have our local trade days in November, so I hope it goes well here. I will be having a booth with a friend. Always fun! Like the flowers and I would do the same, take them apart. LOL Whitework is new to me.

  4. I think your guess that the economy has hit this expo hard was probably exactly right. When we don't dosomething for a few years, it's a big surprise to find it's different and smaller! I was talking about adult education the other day to another woman who has taught a lot of classes to adults, as I have, and she commented that registrations has totally cratered in the last two years. Why on earth was I surprised, given the unemployment rate, the hardship all around, that people would be forced to cut back on anything that wasn't food and rent? well, there you are.

    With any luck when the economy revives this expo will, too.


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