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Friday, October 14, 2011

More houses

Today I actually did some sewing and made these houses....

Each one represents a house I have lived in during my life.

Free motion stitching is entirely foreign to my nature, but my husband recognized the houses I was trying to depict so I guess I'm not that terrible at it.  Either that or they were lucky guesses on his part!!


These are being done for the online class 'Road to My House' given by Carole Brungar.  I will show you some of the elements I am including, but you won't be able to see the finished product until the end.


  1. Wow MA they are fabulous.

  2. it looks like a nice feel good way to practice and they're coming up well.

  3. great start SIS--i remember my first attempts: rather scraggly sunflowers.. which i still have somewhere :) It's an incredibly expressive technique once you get the hang of it

  4. Love your stitched houses MA...just brilliant!!!
    that Carole is a fantastic teacher and so inspiring too!

  5. These are wonderful! And what a great idea. But I would have to pick out just a few out of the many many many houses I've lived in. Your stitiching is great.

  6. I think you are getting the hang of the free motion quilting. Lovely houses! What a neat project to be working on :)


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