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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I've spent trying to compress 'stuff' into less space so they're more easily moveable. 

No, we're NOT moving again but it's going to feel like it!!

'The Man' is supposed to be coming next week to install the new baseboards (we've only been waiting since summer!).  That's a good thing, right?  Well, when I sit down and contemplate the amount of sheer WORK this is going to entail, I'm not so sure I even want baseboards at all!!  Every single piece of furniture (and their innards) will have to be moved out of the way and put somewhere (hah!!).  Not only that, I expect there will be a ton of dust created out of all this because there's nowhere to cut the boards other than the middle of the living room floor.  Oh, and did I mention that the closets will have to be emptied too? 

Give me strength

On to another subject that doesn't raise my blood pressure so much.

Remember me mentioning the thrift store trip we made a couple of weeks ago?  You don't?  Well then, proves how forgettable my mumblings are.  Anyway....I lucked out and found this book.

It's a collection of some of the articles from the first 29 issues of 'Threads' magazine....illustrated with tons of colour pictures.  There are articles on battenberg lace, shisha, samplers, net darning, freestyle embroidery, drawn threadwork, crewel, needle lace and lots more.  Fascinating reading!

Specs on the book:  'Stitchery and Needle Lace" from Threads Magazine;  published by Taunton Press, c1991;  ISBN: 1-56158-010-4

I won't be posting tomorrow because I'm off to the Creativ Festival in Toronto!


  1. cancel him, now!!
    have fun in TO, pity you can't meet up with AMD but she'll be working.

  2. Good luck with all the baseboard business. That sounds like work! That book looks like a great find. Sometimes you get lucky. Have fun tomorrow!

  3. lucky you with the festival--it was CANCELLED here this year!!!!!!!!!

    i still have all my
    old copies of Threads with those articles--enjoy!

  4. The book looks like fun! Have a great time in Toronto!!!!!

  5. Oh MA, I do not envy you! I know all about that dust and inconvenience and I don't care to do any of that again! Take a lot of deep breaths girl and get yourself a really good vacuum cleaner!! LOL!!!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Your place looks lovely without those stinkin' baseboards..honest! Love that book though..looks very interesting. Have fun at the craft show. It really hasn't been the same since they changed the format. Definitely not how it started out!
    Mrs Noofy

  7. Hope you had a wonderful time at the festival Mary Anne!
    I hope you have room for another book :) you were a winner on my Magpie's Nest Too giveaway blog

    Here's to your upheaval going smoothly and is never fun when that kind of stuff goes on!

  8. Have a great time at the festival!
    After building our home, and finishing it while we lived in it, I can attest to construction dust--it gets everywhere. Not fun....true.

  9. How was the Creativ Festival. I didn't got this year. Didn't really need anything. Maybe I'll go next year with my quilt buddy.

  10. Poor you with all that dust..hope he finishes quickly.
    Love that book,and would love that magazine......not that I need another book in the book case.

    sorry to hear the festival was they have shrunk because of the cost of haveing a stall...

  11. That is almost as bad as moving again. I think I am going to stay where I am until I go and then the kids can worry about it.

    Great Mother, eh!




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