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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today was our monthly CQTeers meeting where we eat far too much chocolate, laugh a lot, have grand discussions, and learn a thing (or three) along the way.  Our theme this month was to create something using the faux butcher's twine we learned to make last month from the tutorial on THIS blog.

Here is what the three of us came up with
(and you can see examples of the 
faux butchers twine on the right)

The flower on the upper left was mine, loosely taken from a free  PrickandStitch pattern from HERE.  On the upper right is the dress form by Sue and Irene created the buxom gal on the lower left.  Hers combined not only the butcher twine, but the woven paper technique from the month before, and a couple of paper beads we had learned to do at another meeting.  The card on the lower right was from Irene for my birthday (last month) - the back reads "It gets to the stage where you need all your breath to blow out all the candles". 


  1. sounds like fun, that card is a hoot

  2. a fun get together, thanks for showing us the results.

  3. please can I come to the next one as eating too much chocolate is on the agenda????


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