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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Needing help

My new studio is under-lighted and I am needing to purchase a new floor lamp to create a much better quality of light.  My former studio had three double-bulb 'daylight' fluorescent ceiling lights and I miss them tremendously.  Living in an apartment means that I won't be able to replace the ceiling fixture (besides, I need the fan that comes with the light) so whatever I get will have to be a floor standing model.

I've been looking around on the internet and at first I thought I would like an Ott light but I've read some pretty discouraging reviews so I will probably give them a pass.  They're expensive, the ballast doesn't last and, by the reports I've read, their customer service is rather lacking.  I need a lamp that preferably is a 'daylight' one, it must be stable, and throw a lot of light. 

Do you have any ideas of what I should look at?  Makes & models would be most welcome.  Thank you in advance!


  1. Do you have Menards there? I have several lamps including the one on my desk at work that are very similar to a Ott. Its called a Natural Full Spectrum Floor Lamp. The bulb it takes is supposed to last 1000+ hours. I have two in my "room" and one by my recliner to hand stitch by and read. My grandson likes it so well, I bought one for him next to his recliner too.

    If you go to you can see it. I love them and highly recommend them.

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    I have two small folding ott lights and one large floor model. I've had absolutely no problems with them at all. I bought them from Joanns in the US with 50% off coupons.

    Could you and hubby figure out how to rig up some plain old shop lights without damaging the ceiling in the apartment?

  3. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I just wanted to say I've had very positive experiences with my 2 Ott lights. I can't comment on the floor lamp model, but I have small portable one, and the larger desk/table model. I've had the smaller one for just over 6 years, and the larger for 5....haven't had to change the bulbs yet, I use them almost every day and in the last few months the small one has regularly been knocked off the table by my kitten and it's still not missing a beat. I use the portable one next to my sewing machine, and move it to the lounge room when I'm hand sewing or knitting at night, although it's not a big lamp, I find it gives me good light to work by

    Sorry I can't help with other makes, I just wanted to say that my experience of Otts has been very positive....Nanette

  4. Wish I had a good answer for you, but I'll be interested in seeing what you find out. I've been wanting to get a good floor lamp to use as well and have figured out it needs to be "daylight" type not the yellow tint for me to be able to see well. Good luck and hope you find one you like soon!

  5. ask AMD, she's got quite a good one.

  6. Here is the CHEAP solution, and I use it upstairs in the big studio and downstairs in the basement too.
    Buy one of those inexpensive floor lamps with the three movable bulb thingies---kinda like the '60's???
    Get the compact fluorescent bulbs--a couple of cool white and a warm white.
    Works perfect.
    I had a friend with an Ott lamp and it was so BLUE and BRIGHT I got a headache when she had it on....they are truly grossly overpriced.
    I've worked with the above as supplement light to my big light banks for years and no complaints. Plus you can move the light canisters where you need the light aiming.....
    Did this make any sense??? :-)


  7. MA I see that you've already purchased, but let me add my recommendation for the OTT light. I've had a small one for years and have yet to change the bulb (mind you, I rarely use it). I was 'gifted' a large, decorator floor model OTT that's just perfect for my bead encrusted pieces (that one is in the living room). I also have some small florescents (the curly ones) in the overhead fixture in the studio (spare bedroom). They weren't giving me enough light so I simply removed the shade. No, it's not elegant, but does the job. I also have a Daylight (brand name) florescent table lamp behind my sewing machine AND an old floor model spot lamp beside the table. The OTT's and the Daylight lamps are very bright and I only use them for stitching (hand or machine).

  8. I just bought two Ott bulbs in addition to my 3 hanging ceiling "Daylight" fluorescent units and it has improved my lighting tremendously. I love my Ott floor model. You can't beat them for photographing your work or seeing true colors.
    Ott lighting is on sale at hobby lobby...40% off this week.


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