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Friday, August 12, 2011

Studio unveil - of sorts

I realized this morning that it's going to prove a bit difficult to get really good pictures of the new studio, simply because the room is small.  I do have a window (first time I've had a window in my studio in years...yay!!).  So, as promised, here are pictures.....

Starting to the left of the door....

There isn't enough room in our kitchen to house our water cooler, so it has found a home in my studio.  Handy when I want a drink!

The computer area.  You can also see the shelf that runs across pretty much the
entire wall - it holds my button jars and various other things.

My cutting table, which was a huge bonus - I never expected I
could manage to fit it into the space.  Happy about that!
My inspiration board above and a further view of the upper shelf.
That ends the first wall.

Now, turning the corner...

My sewing area, with a nice window above.
To the right you can see my thread storage, along with
a quilt rack that #2 son made me, which is
serving to hold some of my treasures from friends.

We've turned the corner again and here you can see the cabinet I use to store my
beads and also my cotton fabrics, along with some more 'stuff' on top.
This also shows the pull out couch which I share the room with.  It will
be nice for me to sit here and read through my crafting books.
Above I've hung the crazy quilt pieces which I did a few years ago
using the colour suggestions from SharonB.

Now we've reached another corner.  Below the lace tablecloth is one of my
sewing machines - which is doubling as a bedside table.  As you can see there are a few things
sitting on the floor that still need to find a permanent home.  The filing cabinet was given to me and is a huge organizational tool.  You can see my 195o's sewing machine on top of the cabinet and also
my two art dolls - Shudayra and Annelaw.

Now we're turning the final corner...

Here is one side of my floor to ceiling closet.  Here is where I have done some massive
shoehorning!!  Everything is labelled so I can hope (!!) to be able to find what I'm
searching for. 
You can't see in this picture, but below that is where the cat litter box will
reside.  I know, too much information!! 

And here is the other side of my closet.

Now you're back to the doorway again.

I've managed to organize (and stuff!!) a room that measures a mere 10 x 11.5 feet. 
I'm sure things will change as I start to use the space, but for now I'm pretty happy with it.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour.
If you click on the pictures, I think they will
embiggen for you.


  1. OMG!!!!
    That is amazing how you used a small space for ALL THE STUFF!!!
    (bowing before computer screen) I am in AWE.
    And now I look around my studio/disaster area and want to cry.
    WAH! ;-D
    I totally envy the couch...

    Anne of the messy studio

  2. Love your creative space. Sewing by a window...wonderful! Nothing wrong with a cat box in the closet floor in my book. I usually keep a coverlet folded high for Angell to snooze while I work. Enjoy your beautiful space.

  3. I'll be generous and give you a month before you mess it all up.
    I love the way you have finished your CQ wall hangings they look great.

  4. I embiggened every one of those pictures and I am ready to come visit and play in that room with you! All so nicely organized and I know you will love that window. I see DeeDee's heart from the Heart Swap hanging in there too!

  5. Your room is so so neat. ...I know how hard it is from experience to fit everything to do with sewing and craft into small spaces.

  6. glad you got moved. Your room is about the size of mine, but mine got crammed when my daughter and grandkids moved in and I have to use the closet for winter coats now.

    Lets face it, sewers/craft artists can create anywhere. Beware the clutter. ~lol~

  7. it looks fantastic...I can imagine you in there beavering away!!

  8. lookin' gooooooooood--now get in there and mess it up with some makin'!

  9. Nice studio and great organization. We seem to be on parallel paths--I just posted about my studio too!
    best, nadia

  10. MA your studio looks so organized! Thanks so much for sharing photos. It looks great! Connie

  11. Maryanne, I hope you are very happy and creative in your new workspace.

  12. So glad you have your own little is lovely...craft away my freind... :D

  13. Your new studio looks very neat. You did some great arranging and it doesn't look crowded. Having the couch in their can have some advantages when you are tired of crafting and just want to sit and read for awhile. I sometimes do that. Just quit and read for maybe half hour then rejuvinated I can go back again.

    I am glad you are finally moved and pray that they sell their house so you can be rid of the worry.

    Also loved the black table. Very elegant.



  14. Absolutely Fabulous MA - look forward to seeing some fantastic creativity - once you have mussed all that tidiness up a bit!!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog recently.


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