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Monday, August 29, 2011

Button, button, who's got....

I do!!!

And here's proof...

I have a grand collection of fourteen (yes, 14!!) of these jars,
garnered from Ikea on Friday. 
They're fabulous and look so neat
all lined up on my shelf in my
new studio.

Those grey plastic lids are going to have a
facelift at some point though.  


the weekend also found me this light...

Found via Home Depot.
As Anne suggested in
the comments, I have
installed two cools and
a warm bulb and
now I have lots of
good light.
Thanks for the idea Anne!!

Bought one for the living room we can
not only read in comfort but I can
also take some of my needlework
out there (oh, oh!!).


  1. things are starting to look so neat and orderly there.
    when you're done will you pop down here and fix up mine? i look forward to seeing what you will do with the lids.

  2. Ikea gets us all in the end!!

  3. Great idea for the lights.... :D and I love your button collection too.

  4. Wow MA, your studio is looking great! How big are your button jars? You have to be in the lead for most buttons. Take care, Connie

  5. Wow all those buttons! 14 jars of them!!! How smart is that to combine the 2 different light bulbs. I may have to upgrade my lighting situation.

  6. Buttons do look lovely in jars. Have you seen the button labels at 'graphics fairy' or is it the 'just something I made' blog. I am in the process of separating my mothers old buttons by colors. My sister just gave me 5 more jars to separate. But I LOVE buttons! Your studio is really shaping up. I keep debating whether to swap my studio with our bigger guest room.


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