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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crazy quilt denim, mail, and mumblings

  Have a look at what came in the mail the other day....

I am thoroughly in like with the art that Michelle Palmer does
and this piece is just one example.  She draws the sweetest
little things on fabric!  

Along with my wee bear, Michelle included the little birdie tags and a couple of nice buttons.

Thank you Michelle!!

You can see more of Michelle's work at her blog HERE.

 Finally, my eternal debate with myself....are the jackets I make really crazy quilted or aren't they?  Please weigh in on the subject and let me know what you think.

These pictures show the back (top picture) and two fronts of the current jacket I'm working on.  The question arises from the fact that I piece the recycled denim in the same manner as a crazy quilt.  From there the lines become blurred.  The seams are 'decorated' but with yellow thread used as topstitching - no hand sewing, no embroidery.  Any further embellishment is done with the addition of pockets, labels and buttons.    So....what say you?  Are these crazy quilted....or not??


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I think they are, but as I'm not an expert, I googled a definition. I found many references which defined crazy quilting as "irregular shaped fabric pieces stitched to a foundation fabric and then decorated" and "a method of stitching irregular and random pieces of fabric (to form a quilt) many have decorative stitches added to the seams"

    Sounds just like what you're doing, but also one the original intention of crazy quilting was for scraps to be used and quilted together however it pleased the maker.

    Your vests look great...Nanette

  2. Aw what a beautiful bear - she's so clever and the wee tags attached are sweet too.

    I'm off to visit her blog - Thanks Maryann for the link.
    Shane :))

  3. Michelle's art work has such an innocence about it. Such fine detail with a fresh look. You are right about Avery's blog what cute button collages she creates and sells in her etsy shop.
    Now to the jacket. Definately crazy pieced. But, I am not sure that it is the surface decoration that makes it a crazy quilt.
    The following is copied from Wikipedia,
    The term "crazy quilting" is often used to refer to the textile art of crazy patchwork and is sometimes used interchangeably with that term. Crazy quilting does not actually refer to a specific kind of quilting (the needlework which binds two or more layers of fabric together), but a specific kind of patchwork. Crazy quilts rarely have the internal layer of batting that is part of what defines quilting as a textile technique.
    So, according to Wikipedia, I'd say, "Girlie, you gotta a crazy quilt there!"

  4. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Crazy patch instead of crazy quilt..since they are not quilts? Maybe.
    Mrs Noofy

  5. I saw a photo once of a simple CQ blanket... one stitch in one color of thread used on the whole thing. I thought it was stunning and some day want to do that... when I don't have a million other projects going on. Lol.

    You decorate your patchwork denim seams, then embellish with other things... isn't that the definition of CQ? Just because it isn't done with fancy fabrics or threads or embellishments doesn't mean it's any less CQ. Just my thoughts :)

  6. I always thought Crazy Quilting meant embellishment on top of fabric that is 'crazy pieced'. Since there is no embroidery, beading, or lace added, I would consider your jackets
    Crazy-Pieced but not CQ'd. IMHO, that is. Whatever you call them, your jackets are unique!
    I love Karen's work, and, happily, I won a piece of her 'paper works'!

  7. Crazy quilt--crazy pieced what the heck they are unique MA and you do them like no other can.

  8. I think they are crazy quilted... and what a fun post today.. I was sent all over the place for fun thigns to see...:D

  9. I think you can call it what you like...its your work. If you were inspired by crazy quilting then that's good enough for me.


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