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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Presents for me!

What better person to buy you a present than yourself, right?  Well, in this case I bought myself TWO presents, because two are better than one, right?  First of all, I got this....

by Brian Haggard

When I saw this book I knew it was a have-to-have - not only is the cover really pretty, but it's a book about crazy quilting and we all know how crazy (hah) I am about books on that particular subject!  Brian Haggard has used many of his old family photos in these crazy quilts and most of them enjoy the same colours as the one pictures on the cover of the book.  There are 10 projects, 24 embroidery stitches/motifs, and also some nice traceable embroidery designs.  I have only read a few pages so far but I think it's one I'm going to really enjoy reading.    Specs:  'Crazy-Quilted Memories' by Brian Haggard, published by C&T Publishing, c2011, ISBN 978-1-60705-227-2

I also treated myself to this...

by Midori Nishida/CRK Design

This book was on my wish list not so much because of the idea of actually doing crocheted beaded edging on projects but for using the designs as seam treatments for crazy quilting.  I think there are a number of really great designs in the book which will definitely be good for CQ.  There are "18 designs that range from delicate and classic to modern and bold, all created with simple thread, a crochet hook, a beading needle, and inexpensive beads."   Every one of the designs would be beautiful on a crazy quilt!   Specs:  'The Beaded Edge' by Midori Nishida/CRK Design, published by Interweave, c2009,  ISBN 978-1-59668-300-6
Sorry about the flash glare on the pictures!


  1. I have thought about getting both of these books. The first one keeps calling my name. I hate for you to have something I don't have so I guess I better go order it!

  2. The wonderful thing about buying presents for yourself is getting exactly what you want! Enjoy!!

  3. Yay, presents to you! Those look like fantastic CQ books, especially love the look of the sepia tone one. Hmmm... hadn't thought of beaded crochet edging but I bet some of those as seam treatments will be amazing!

  4. Oh what fun...I can see what you will be doing my friend. xoxoxo HUgs.

  5. HA, i bought that bottom one 3 weeks ago, such pretty pretty ideas!


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