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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sleeves? Really???

Yes, these pieces of denim WILL be used in sleeves for the latest jacket.  Those of you familiar with seminole quilting will see where I'm going with this.  Stay tuned for the actual sleeve!

 Look what came in the mail today!!

Volume Three of Pat Winter's 'CRAZY QUILT GATHERINGS' magazine!!  Yay!  Pat does a phenomenal job of this magazine and it's always exciting to get the latest copy.  I'm extra excited this time though - page 10 has a review of Pam Kellogg's 'Elegant CrazyQuilt Seam Treatments' book, written by none other than moi!!!!

There will be no associating with me now!

If you would like a copy of your very own (and perhaps the back issues too!) check out the link HERE.  Be sure to order the 'AUTUMN 2011' issue, because the covers look similar.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Well of course it did! Right after our ATC meeting. Oh by the way...may I have your autograph??? hmmmm???? You want HOW MUCH?????


  2. I have been neglecting you...I know it! I am sorry honestly.....beg beg beg forgiveness!!

  3. Your Greatness, soon you will be Blue Queen of the Crazy Jacket

  4. I got my copy yesterday, too, and guess who I spotted? You!! If I grovel enough, will you sign my copy. Hunh? Puhlease?


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