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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our view

Today I thought I'd show you what I can see when I look out my studio window.  This is the Scugog River which runs through our town.  Further down there is a lock and we do see a lot of boats going up and down.

If you look really close in the last picture you can see some of our resident mallard ducks.  The middle picture shows some of the guest parking lot that runs in front of our building.

We moved the cats over last night and Mitzy has
already chosen her 'spot'.
Cosmo, on the other hand, has barely
been seen.  I think he's hiding under
the bed!


  1. Such a lovely view from your studio! I know you are happy to be settled again.

  2. That is a wonderful view to have out your studio window! I can just imagine how peaceful that must be to watch and seeing it through the seasons will be a treat!

  3. What a beautiful view! I have always heard cats don't move well,
    I wonder why?

  4. How lovely to be on the river. I expect it will provide a lot of inspiration.

  5. How lovely to be looking out on the river and watching the comings and goings of boats!

    Moving is hard for our feline friends - they are more 'change resistant'!
    I'm sure he will come out from under the bed!

  6. ooo what a lovely green and water is always beautiful to see

    sounds like it may take your kitties a bit to settle in...I am like a cat I think sometimes LOL

  7. how nice to be so close to the river. Hi from a new follower. I will enjoy reading your blog.

    Gill x

  8. your studio is now my arguing!


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