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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A turtle for Jayden

My friends have a new baby grandson and right now he and his parents are in Japan and trying to get out.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them right now, along with all the other people of Japan.

Baby Jayden and his mother Qu Yi and father Jonathan already planned to move to Canada in April and the concern now is how they will manage to get here.  I made this little turtle to welcome Jayden to Canada...

The pattern is from Caron on their can get it HERE.

Please add this family to your prayer list along with all the people of Japan.


  1. Hoping Jayden is soon holding his turtle and by your side.

  2. Such a cute turtle! It's sure to be loved. Prayers and wishes for a safe journey have been sent.

  3. a gorgeous turtle, how big is he?

  4. Cute little turtle. I pray that they make it out okay and soon. It is an awful thing happening in Japan and I keep them all in my heart. I used to have a pen pal there and think of him often wondering if he and his family are okay. We lost touch and that's too bad.

  5. Oh thats so cute!

  6. I hope Jayden gets to play with it soon.Things may be looking bad at present,but there's always scope for hope,right?

  7. what a little cutie...hope he knows he has prayers inside from my heart to yours....hope Jayden is with you soon.... Hugs


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