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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm so sick of piles!!!!

Everywhere I look there's a pile.

Here a pile,
there a pile,
everywhere a pile, pile!! **


This is just one of many.

Right now there are four rooms in our basement in varying states of destruction.  First of all Jack painted the laundry and freezer room (they're connected) and THEN because he didn't want to put painters tape on the freshly painted walls in order to do the ceiling  "until they're fully cured", he moved on to paint the two rooms that were my Dads'.  Now there's stuff piled all over all those rooms, PLUS the overflow is residing in my studio.  This pile of books is there because the bookshelf I had them on was in imminent danger of falling to pieces.  It has been fixed and now I face the fun (?) job of putting all these back again.  Well, maybe not them all, because I will weed as I go. 

Oh yeah, and there's also three big plastic totes in the middle of my floor in varying stages of being packed for the yard sale.

** and now, if you've got Old MacDonald running through your mind, you might just as well join me in the looney bin!!


  1. I'll bring the wine....we might as well self-medicate at the looney bin!


  2. But we love seeing them!! A-Z,Mary,wow!!

  3. I'll join you in the looney bin. Are you serving coffee?

  4. Now Sister there are piles and then there are piles. Yours are the good kind of piles. From what I see lots of inspiration! Those other piles you can do without. One day this will all be put away and you will feel so good about it all. No looney bin for you...just a lot of hard work. What is the saying...That which does not kill us makes us stronger! Just keep this chant in your head..."I think I can, I think I can" Pretty soon it will be "I knew I could"

  5. Your post "Title" for today definitely caught my eye. We have two naughty dogs over here that make various 'piles' from time to time where they are not supposed to. Anyhow, had to laugh when I saw what piles you were referring to. Wish we could be so lucky with book piles!! LOL
    Have a fun weekend.

  6. Oh me! I understand, we just got moved in and somehow my craft room has been turned upside down and not put back together yet. Hugs, Kim

  7. I have oodles of piles everywhere too.....everywhere! Magazines ...oh how I love them though. Hugs. xoxoxo


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