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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sentimentality...and space

First, I must say thank you for all the great suggestions about what I might be able to do with the quilts.  Tomorrow I will haul them all out and try to make some executive decisions about their possible re-use.

Here are a couple more things
I've kept and really can't
justify trying to take
into an apartment...

First, some of my baby clothes...

My mother was a packrat and kept a LOT of stuff and my baby clothes are part of the legacy.  Pale pink dresses, little white slips, and a pair of rubber (plastic?) lined ruffled panties.  I've dutifully kept them all these years and the time has come to dispense with them.  I will keep some 'bits' for crazy quilt fodder but the rest are on their way out.

Having said that my mother was a packrat, I guess I can't complain, because look at what I kept.....

Now isn't this a sorry sight? 

This poor old Lassie dog was a pajama bag and my most favouritist of playmates.  The poor thing is missing most of his fur, his nose has been chewed, and most of his stuffing fell out over the years.  My mother attempted to restuff him with old nylons.  I remember my aunt, feeling badly about his sorry state, getting me a 'new' stuffed dog, but he wasn't Lassie and I had nothing but contempt for it.  

Why on earth would I have kept this??


  1. My mother threw everything out!
    I would find it very hard to part with baby clothes and that wonderful patched and re-patched puppy.

  2. Personally, I don't think I could dispose of either of those treasures. Can't you fold the baby clothes real tight and squeeze them in your undies drawer?

  3. it is so special to you that why....cute story..

  4. I am not feeling so bad about things I have collected after seeing your Lassie ~lol~ That, friend, was a little MUCH!! But o, your baby that would be offense..they're so old and in good condition. Are you sure?

    Going back now to read suggestions on the quilts. Good luck sorting.

  5. Maybe you should frame your baby clothes. I tend to be a packrat too MA. Sometimes it is just hard to get rid of things. We can accumalate so many things over the years. My many moves has forced me to to get rid of things.

  6. please, please. please don't get rid of the baby clothes!!!!!!!!!!!
    they are such a wonderfdul legacy and really how much space can they take up????? you may have a grandaughter one day who would cherish them...please think again. I am upset just thinking abpout it.

  7. Why would you have kept Lassie? Because there was a lot of LOVE on that toy! Companion, friend,'s pretty obvious to me. ;-)
    I still have my baby clothes, or at least some of them, and for what? I never even had kids! LOL!!!
    We hold onto things that have great emotional value; either to us or to a loved one. It is a connection with what we were.....I save everything too and know the time is coming when I am going to have to make *decisions*......UGH! Don't want to think about it!


  8. he's a Boro dog---i'd keep him :)Wish i still had my Murgatroyd bear who looked pretty much the same!

  9. I agree. Please keep the baby clothes. Can you just imagine some day a little grandaughter wearing one of these dresses and say having her picture taken in it.

    I used to buy those ruffly pants for my daughter and of course lots of dresses that I smocked. After 2 boys a girl was like playing dolls.

    Speaking of dolls I made her a Raggedy Ann that now lives in a plastic bag because her legs are almost gone. Worn out from all that dragging. Offered to put new legs on her but she says no thanks.
    So I can understand your dog.

    This must be so hard. I feel for you knowing my time is coming to have to downsize - should have happened by now.



  10. facing the taking down of my mother's house (she passed away in Feb) I am being faced with so many sentimental decisions...not fair either since my only sister is the opposite of me and wants everything gone's hard...because once it's gone...well you know

    your pj bag doggie is a really treasure and your baby clothes surely aren't taking up that much room are they...too cute and one day they'll be an antique!

  11. I have some of my baby clothes too! I wish I still had a favorite little stuffed cat that I treasured too! Those are treasures you have there. We moved 36 times as I was growing up, so very few things survived the cut at each move. The baby clothes may never be worn again and the dog may never hold your pjs again but my they will touch your heart.


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