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Friday, March 18, 2011

mumblings (again)

and - here's a quote - "Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us".


  1. On the quilts..... Get brave! Cut the large areas that are still good. Make wonderful pillow tops for the bed, couch, where ever. Longer strips make those cool designer pillows you see on couches along the back.
    If pieces are small, sew then together into a bigger pillow piece, or save some of the small pieces for your denim jackets.'
    Just don't be afraid to CUT!!!


  2. One of your followers "DeeDee" had a great post recently on using an old quilt to make an apron! Very cute! Also, old quilts make great Christmas Stockings and Ornaments.
    I have seen them used behind the glass in an old window. Pillows, pot holders....I have used quilts as curtains.

  3. Cut out the good parts and make one large quilt, several cushions, framed art pieces, teddy bears and a couple of handbags. Of course, you could also insert pieces into your denim jackets. Nothing should go to waste!!! If they're really old and cherished, especially those made by family members, find a place for them. Under the bed, in the rafters, in the trunk of your car, it doesn't matter. It's the memories that count!!

  4. I have seen some wonderful dolls made of old quilts.

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    What about donating them to Settlers Village? They would love to have them I'm sure and maybe could do some repair work too.
    Mrs Noofy

  6. Another giveaway? Count me in! I'm still giving some thoughts to the quilt situation. Now I have to go visiting. Enjoy your weekend! Connie

  7. Mary Anne,
    Iam not a quilter and know nothing about quilts,but it possible to take good portions from the old ones and make it into a fresh quilt or even a wall hanging?

  8. These quilts are somebody's hard and loved work. If they were in reasonable condition perhaps the best bits could be cut out re-backed with fleecy fabric and sent to Sendai as well! The Hearts and Hands project is truely a wonderful idea! I have actually been searching for an old quilt which I could recycle and use in my journalling because I really love them if they are hand sewn.
    Cushions, totes, table runners, runners for back and top of couches
    as well as pillow cases are more ideas.
    Perhhaps you could make one (or part of one) a giveaway!!!
    Wonderful visiting those blogs you mentioned too! Thanks for that!tr
    Hugs, Suzy

  9. Hi MA

    If you have the time after you make the move you might consider making Christmas stockings and selling them on your blog next Christmas.

    I have seen some really neat ones and I am sure there are girls out there who would just love to have them as cutters.

    How about offering them on your blog for a small price. You could always donate the money or use it for your own craft items that sure add up.



  10. If there are any ratty parts, worn parts or tears, i'll take em!


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