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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

atc's, techniques, and friends

Today was our monthly CQTeers meeting and, surprisingly enough, we hardly ate any chocolate!  We were far too busy sharing our latest projects and gabbing.

This month our atc challenge was to create something using these paper napkins for inspiration....

Here is what we came up with....
The one on the upper left and the two on the lower left are by Irene; Sue did the one on the upper right and also on the lower right; and mine are the two in the middle of the upper row.  Having the same base 'material' leads us to so many different interpretations!

Irene had a very busy program planned for us too...

We learned some more zentangle techniques - all of which I need a lot more practice at!!  We played with watercolor paper and either watercolor or acrylic paints to create interesting backgrounds for either atcs or cards.  Finally we also zentangled on an easter egg....

We had a fun time!!
Thank you Irene!


  1. What fun and love the cards and zentangles....Hugs, Kim

  2. i'm pleased you're able to take some time out from packing to socialise. sounds like a good day for all.

  3. that is an elegant, refined egg.

  4. What a fabulous collection of ATCs and soooo diverse! Such a fantastic napkin! I can see you all had a great time - wish I'd been there!

  5. We did cover a lot of ground including health, wealth, downsizing and knowledge sharing including what is meant by a "back wrapped" stitch! And managed lunch. coffee, and three projects at the same time. Somehow I didn't get around to demonstrating blowing paint through a straw....I wonder why?

  6. ok I love the zentangled easter egg.... and the ATC's too... great job by all of you...

  7. Beautiful ATC's and I love the egg. I have a Zentangle book, but havn't got around to practising yet. Love how it looks.
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment :)


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