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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Busy, busy, busy....messy, messy, messy!

Above is my worktable at the moment...
and below is my cutting table....

I won't show you the floor!

I'm still here, just buried in a couple of projects I need to get done this week.  If you don't hear from me soon, please send a cleaning crew.


  1. With all that mess I still can't figure out what you are up to.

  2. The trouble with the cleaning crew is you have to clean up before they come or they will toss it all or clean around it. Maybe they make good coffee though.



  3. i see Lady S... ssshhhhhhhhhh. i think she may be looking exquisite!

  4. i hear cat Chow may be good dipped in coffee, easier to chew---and digest :)

  5. That is exactly how a work room should look! Only creative people can be inspired by stuff piled high and spread all around. xoxxo Hugs.

  6. and a large chocolate cake, that will draw you out. good luck with it, k.

  7. Can't be any worse than mine!!! I've just finished off three projects and have two more left to go.

  8. Moving is so time consuming especially if you have been in a place for awhile. We tend to accumalate so much stuff don't we. Sometimes it's hard knowing what to move with us and what to get rid of. Good luck! And don't work too hard.

  9. Keep your cell phone handy in case you really do end up under a pile of stuff and can't get up.

  10. Girl you don't know the meaning of the word messy! This looks wonderful compared to my mess. I need "Where Women Create" to come and take a BEFORE picture! They would have to send a special crew....along with the HOARDERS people!


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