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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lady Sebastian is moving on!

Lady Sebastian has been living here with me for the past while and I must admit I'm going to be very sad to see her leave and head out on her travels again.
She is on a quest through Egypt in hopes of finding her
missing father.

My additions included painting her dress, adding the beaded fringe to her apron and on the bottom of her dress, and the spear.  There is also an arm band (an old tarnished ring) and a cat charm on her apron.


I did four pages in her travel journal.... here's page one....

The background for this page was a piece of painted textured wallpaper.  I painted and heated some Tyvek for the 'blobs' on either side.  The bug appeared out of my stash and fit the theme because scarabs were an Egyptian relic.

Page two...

This page was a piece of watercolour paper I painted.  Additions included the sun (an applique), a cat button which I antiqued and a string of trim that looks suspiciously like 'real' gold.  If you embiggen the picture I think you can read the words.

and page 3 & 4...

The background for this is a piece of my rusted fabric with a feather trim added on the side.  Behind the cat image is a piece of 'snakeskin' fabric.  The relics on the right were blobs of hot glue that were rubber stamped to add the images - painted and antiqued. 


  1. She is magnificent.
    I always love watching the collaboration dolls develope and share a bit of imagination from each of the participants.

  2. Love your additions! It's been so inspiring to watch these dolls as they travel to each of you. Your journal pages are fantastic, much food for thought with your descriptions of making them!

  3. The bead work and cat charm are perfect. Love the color of the beads. Everything is nice work MA!

  4. Anonymous4:30 AM

    Just saw your finished book on Kiwicarole's blog. Gorgeous work. Your painted water color page is fantastic too. Love this traveling doll. xox Corrine

  5. I understand your reluctance to let her go.....she's part of the family for goodness sake!! Keep her!! Break the rules!!

  6. Absolutely fantastic!! Love it!

  7. Lady Sebastian may be moving on, but she is going in great style. Wonderful job on her embellishments and have journal additions are great!


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