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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grubbing in the dirt

I spent most of the afternoon transplanting houseplants along with all the mess it entails.  I now have twelve new pots of plants which are destined for the yard sale.  I've learned from previous sales that it's definitely better to have a plant already in a pot - otherwise the pots don't sell. 

After that I cleaned out a closet in the laundry room.

Fun, huh???


  1. Much better than my dirt adventures yesterday that have had me sidelined all day....I would trade you in a second!!! ;-)


  2. i look around at my junk and can't imagine how i have managed to move so many times in my life, no it's not fun at all. my sympathies.

  3. Now Sister, before you run out of all that energy...could you jump in the car and come to KY? I could use some help!
    Glad you are getting everything done.

  4. Wow, must be a lot warmer at your place...our ground is still frozen solid, what isn't still under snow. Wish I was puddlin' in the dirt!

  5. Such useful information about yard sales....but I don't envy you the moving thing. It's a lota work isn't it.

  6. defiantly an 'artsy pursuit'

  7. Mary Anne,

    I just read your comment on Arlees blog post regarding rejection. I just wanted to tell you that I loved your response especially " we will spit on rejection and stomp it to the ground" this made me laugh. I loved the attitude of it and then yes .. we will still get up and keep going. I may not stitch as much as I write or draw or paint but I do find sometimes that creating anything soothes the sadness. Anyway .. i just wanted to be sure to thank you for the laugh. Laughing surely sways the sadness too. :)


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