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Friday, September 10, 2010

Things completed and mumblings of interest

First of all, I'd like to tell you about a couple of interesting things you might like to know about...

1.  Pam Kellogg has another in her series of posts dealing with depression up on her blog.  I admire Pam so much for being so open about her experiences and know that these posts will be very helpful to anyone who has depression or has suffered from a breakdown.  Pam did and talks quite candidly here. She has also posted some pretty incredible crazy quilt pieces throughout her post.  Well worth a look!!

2.  Further information on crazy quilting - I keep an eye on the Crazy Quilting International site and recently there was a full-of-eye-candy post combining crazy quilting and faces.  This would definitely be of interest to those of us who enjoy doll making and/or CQ.  Have a look here.

Next up, is a report on the results of washing the walnut ink dyed fabrics from yesterday's post.  Well, I'm happy to say that the colour did not change at all!!  I was really afraid to put them through the washing machine and, being rather forgetful, I didn't remember to iron them first!  Thought of it when they were part way through the wash cycle when it was a bit late!!  I certainly wasn't looking forward to hauling them out of the machine, but they are fine.

And, finally, here are a couple of pictures of the finished journal from my on line class with Carole.  I'm really happy with it, even though I did get a bit carried away and made mine about three times as thick as it should have been!!    Thank you Carole, so much, for this!!
I would strongly recommend that if you're thinking about taking an online class, that one facilitated by Carole would be a great investment!!


  1. Thank you for sharing the results of your black walnut dying! Very interesting and I love how they turned out. Your journal looks lovely, even if you say it's thicker than should have been. To me, it looks like a textural wonder that you just want to grab up and open... just to see what is next and feel the pages and cover.

  2. Carole IS a fantastic and inspiring teacher AND I adore your book, that image on the cover is perfection!!!

  3. Glad to hear your fabrics washed well. I'm sure they'll turn up in an amazing quilt!

  4. excellent results with your ink, and the journal looks fab...k.

  5. I like the site with the CQ and faces...verrry interesting

  6. Your journal is beautiful! I will have to take one of her classes. Happy to know the walnut fabric turned out so well for you too.

  7. Your journal is gorgeous and I love that it is so thick :) The little girl on the front is one of my favorite images from Gail too, great taste we have huh?

    Thanks for letting us know how your walnut ink turned out, glad to hear you had great results :)

  8. Your black walnut dyeing was interesting. You sure did get a good batch and I can see lots of brown ink dyed pics in your future.

    I still want to take Carole's class and hoping she will still have it going after we get settled in Florida. too much stuff going on now. our journal looks great and would love to actually see it. I like the pic on the front cover.



  9. HI MA! Your book is gorgeous! I like the thickness of it. That inself says alot!

    I love the results of your walnut ink. Bubba found a black walnut in the yard yesterday. Must have been left by a little squirrel. Anyway, we need to go hunting for a few more. I'd like to give this a try.

    And thank you for mentioning my article. I hope it helps anyone coping with the misery of depression and/or a breakdown.

    Hugs to you dear one!

  10. Your fabric journal is beautiful, MA. And your walnut dyed fabrics turned out great!

  11. I LOVE your journal.
    I took Carole's class too and have it all done except the outer cover and bookmark.. I had to work toward a couple of Artist show and sales...
    That's done now so can play again!!
    I LOVE your blog.. Such fun and very inspiring..
    Where are you in Ontario? I am in Ingersoll..


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