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Monday, September 27, 2010

Anneelaw's journal

Over the weekend I finished working on the journal beginning for my doll 'Anneelaw', who will be visiting with six other artists before she finally returns home to me next May.  I'm so excited about this because the format is quite different  from Coolab2009 and I know it will challenge my creativity a lot.

Go  visit our Coolab blog to see the dolls as they progress and here to see my doll start.

My journal was begun when I snooped through the male workshop domain and unearthed an old cigar box, which I covered with some recycled paper and a little stitching.  I'm hoping the other artists will add to it too!

the box, outside......

and inside....
There is lots of room in there for whatever might be added!  Next came the first pages of the journal.  I used watercolour paper as the base.  Pages 1 and 4 were created using layers of fabric, fibres and various and assorted other 'bits' from my stash...layered between two pieces of Tyvek and then stitched using variagated thread.  Then I ironed it (using parchment to protect the iron). 

Pages two and three began with a piece of recycled (and rusted) Swiffer cloth as a base, then a piece of painted (recycled) dryer sheet.  A leftover piece of the front page was attached to the side and the poem I wrote was printed onto a piece of cardstock that had been 'aged' with gesso and newsprint.  The newsprint was a 'nod' to the fact that when I took the lamp apart I discovered a sheet of newspaper had been stuffed in the bottom dated in the early 1970's - a fire hazard I would have thought!!

If you'd like to read the poem (and it doesn't enlarge enough when you click on the photo) take a look on our blog where I've written it out.
Update on Dad - We got through the weekend, but all he had to 'eat' was two meal replacement drinks each day.  He's simply getting weaker and weaker.  I have a call in to the doctor today and am waiting to hear back from her as to what the next step might be.  I expect it will be some sort of feeding tube, but will have to wait and see.  Thank you so much for your kind comments and prayers.  They are appreciated more than you know.


  1. Thankyou very much for your comment on my blog. Your blog looks very interesting and i can't wait to see how the doll goes and I also love the altered box. I may just add more to my blog than my experimental drawings

  2. Oh and sorry about your Dad, it sounds like he is having a rough time as you will also be

  3. Love the box---aren't cigar boxes the most amazing things to work with?
    Glad you gave an update on your father; I have had him on my mind so much.
    Take care of you too......


  4. Love seeing your box and journal start, wonderful!
    Give your Dad a hug from me... and one to you too... it sounds like you guys had a bit of a rough weekend.

  5. your doll has a nicer ''house'' than me!! Good luck and best wishes with dad, x

  6. Catching up on posts and wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you and your dad.
    I am so excited about this project too MA. I love what you are doing. So unique and challenging. I almost have my journal done. I'm trying new things too, that's what makes it fun!

  7. Your journal box cover turned out really nice, MA. You have a way with covers as I know from your last journal and the wee one you made for me. I ;ike the cigar box idea alot, too.

    I hope the doctor called you.

  8. Your altered box looks really great so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it in real life. Hope things are going better for you all now.

  9. What a magical beginning for your Anneelaw ... I could read the poem perfectly when I clicked on it ... it will be special to follow her travels

    I highly recommend HOSPICE if you have access to them. They helped my father greatly in his last days after hanging on for almost two years ... he was able to let go ... finally an end to his suffering. My mother's only regret was that she did not contact Hospice sooner.
    Hope the link for info on Hospice worked, if not you can google it if you like
    Sending Peace * Love * Light to you and yours!

  10. Your journal is really stunning, I love all the different elements you used. Love that box too.
    I am so behind on visiting and am sorry to hear about your dad, it must be so hard for him not to be able to eat, you would think that would get the hospital doing something right away wouldn't you?
    How blessed he is to have you beside him and taking care of him :) He must be so proud of you.
    Hugs, Lynn

  11. That box is so very neat. You are such a talented lady. I apologize I dont get to your blog as much but honestly I keep forgeting the name. You and Deb with the magpies :) Hope you are having a happy day.


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