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Monday, September 06, 2010

Experiment # Two.....

Here's is the latest experiment from the cauldron...

This time I followed directions and did what I was told 
(more or less).

First tea dip worked well and then came that 

Five minutes only
while the kitchen timer was attached to my body.
The music note fabric came out perfectly

(and you knew there would be one, didn't you)

The flowery fabric came out looking 
exactly as it did when it went in,
the bleach having removed all the

Back into the tea it went
and it did NOT
get rebleached.

Being the rebel that I am, I'm using it the way it is now, only using the back side as the right side.  I know -

I'm just a nonconformist!!

by the way, the photo shows the pristine fabric piece on the left and the end result on the right.


  1. Isn't it amazing what an aged look you get with tea?

  2. You got splendid results doing it just your way MA!
    The tea really give the fabric interest and charm!
    I am a magpie that likes fewer rules too ;)

  3. i like the tea bag effect alone, forget the bleach. k.

  4. I give you 10 out of 10 for courage!

  5. Okay, I can see a difference in the flower fabric. It is more muted than before. I still don't understand the bleach after the tea dye. Why not bleach and fade the fabric and then tea dye. Anyway it looks good to me.

  6. I am amazed that the bleach did not take color out of the flowered piece. If I drop so much as a little bit on a fabric it takes out the color.
    Maybe Canadian bleach is not as strong - LOL.

    Hugs FredaB

    ps - I would just stay with the tea coloring - never mind the bleach.

  7. Bleach! More bleach!!!! Didn't you learn your lesson the last time? Seriously, I'm coveting the music fabric! But why, pray tell, do you dip it in tea and then try to bleach out the tea staining?

  8. I love the music note fabric! Did you buy it with the notes on it or did you print it yoruself? I guess I'm a non-conformist too because I often prefer the backside of a fabric to the front. ;-) I think the floral piece stained turned out so pretty!

  9. so you can do as your told to a limit and's as you were! good, that's spirited, I like spirited.

  10. I tea dye a lot but have never put them in bleach, maybe the cotton is too strong to fall apart in areas like the silk.

    I have also used coffee with a touch of cinnamon in it then baked it in the oven, have you done that? (I used to make primitive style dolls)I have put whole dolls in the oven LOL, but you have to stand there and be very careful. It gives it an old stained look.

  11. Gail? The music note fabric was a donation to me from a friend and I have no clue where she got hers. I've looked for it in the fabric stores but no luck at finding more, at least so far. I'd buy at least a yard if I did find it!


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