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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another recycled denim jacket....done!!

This one is for moi - unless of course somebody really wants to buy it, in which case I can always make myself another one.  I used up some of the scraps from the first black one I made a few weeks ago and used red accents (simply because I happen to like wearing red).  Jack took the photos of me modeling (hah!!!) it.  His photo taking abilities just about equal my modeling abilities so we make a good pair. Here it is...


I'm taking part in another Art Doll Coolaberation!!  I'm so excited and can't wait to begin playing with all the dolls.  We all had so much fun last year and I must admit I was probably one of the ones that pleaded (pled? begged?  whined?)  the loudest to have another go!  My doll is pretty much ready and I'll be showing pictures later - once I finish working on the journal start.  You can follow our progress (and fun!!) here at the 2010 Art Doll Cool-aberation blog. 


  1. Jacket turned out GREAT! I still cannot fathom doing one of have my admiration. Seriously.
    Have fun with the second doll!!! :)


  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I love your jackets they must so much fun to make going to have to try this as I love Denim to.

  3. really cute, I can just see you at the farmers market in that.

  4. Love the touches of red on this .... makes the jacket just pop.

  5. Your jackets are beautiful, and i especially love this one with the red highlights. Was the last black one greatly appreciated? kaite

  6. Love the red accents on the jacket. I'm looking forward to another set of dolls.

  7. Looks wonderful on you! I like that you put the red just for you :)

    Can't wait to see how your doll progresses, sounds like so much fun to do.

  8. Looks good MA and I think that you are a great model but then I have to wear glasses all the time. ;-))

  9. Wow, that's great. Is it lined? Don't have the patience to make clothes any more myself! And now you're on to dolls! What else do you do?

  10. oh i love that with the zipper! and not boxy--beautiful! i'm really thinking of doing one now--but with frayed edges and hand stitch :) :) :)

  11. You look great in that jacket and Jack didn't do bad. I am certainly no better.

    I can imagine how excited you are about another doll journey. Scares me silly to think about making one like you gals do.



  12. Shirley5:24 PM

    Do you use a pattern for this jacket? Id love to know how to make one.Please respond by email to thank you!


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