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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sigh - Rant.




If you're still here, be warned that I've given you ample opportunity to bail out.

Most of you are aware that we are caregivers for my almost 90 year old dad and have him in our home in order to do that.  He has esophageal cancer and had a stent put in his throat last May in order to allow him to eat pureed foods and liquids.  He has steadily been going downhill and currently only weighs 160 lbs. (down from just over 200 in May).  All that is to be expected and is part of his disease.

Now, I'm getting to the rant part....

Last night I had to call the ambulance to take him to the local emergency dept. because he hadn't been able to get anything down for almost two days.  When he arrived at the hospital, they, of course, ran bloodwork which showed that his blood level was extremely low.  This was what they said the LAST time he was there but they didn't do anything about it then.  This time they gave him three units of blood overnight.  That was fine with me because it was obvious he needed it.

This morning I received a call from the hospital that he was being released.  I questioned that and was told that his blood level was now 'normal'.  Well, that's good to know - BUT - what about not being able to eat, which is the reason he's there in the first place.   Oh, said the nurse. 

We arrive (somewhat miffed) at the hospital and started asking questions.  The emerg doctor told us that (get this!!) they had requested the local 'guy' who does throat scopes to have a look at dad and he refused.  Ummmm....he refused???  Apparently dad is to see the dr. that put the stent in - but he's 40 miles away and dad can't get there without some sort of special transportation, so what do we do now???

Oh well, they sent him home with yet another prescription for 'gas' and we're now left twisting in the wind and dad still can't eat.  

Oh yeah, it's fun to get old. 


  1. Don't you have to hope one day they will need a test or somekind of medical treatment and someone will send them home with some gas medicine?

  2. Oh dear, I can quite see why you want to rant....bloody bureaucracy. And poor Dad, too.

  3. Its hard when you don't know where to turn. My father in law was just diagnosed with esophagial cancer along with a spot in the lung and cerebral cancer. I can't imagine what is ahead.

    I hope you feel better to let it lose and I hope you will find help.
    xx, Carol

  4. Hi..I am from Ontario also. Looked after my Dad and MIL at home til they passed..been there done it all. I feel for you it is an emotional and physically exhausting time. Don't regret a minute of it.
    Do you have a Community Care in your area. Ours has its own emergency transport system. They may be able to help. Also an order from the Dr. to the Ambulance Service for him to be transported to his hospital will also work. To bad the local guy is being so difficult..poor you.

    Judi B

  5. Oh yes, i know it only too well, i can do nought but sympathise, empathise and understand you. I think we all need a big group hug.
    love to you and Dad, k.

  6. I'm so lucky not to have to deal with all the bad stuff that goes with looking after a parent who has health issues. My mom is 91, in fairly good health and living in a very nice nursing home. It took 3 tries to get there but this one is a very nice place.

  7. Oh thats awful. I wonder what you'll do? I don't know how your health service works. I'm glad you can have a rant here. No one minds.

  8. Hope your rant has left you feeling a bit better. Don't forget to breathe...deep breath in..deep breath out....

  9. You have every right to rant; there is no reason a Dr. should be able so say he doesn't want to do something that needs doing for a patient. Emergency Rooms are without a doubt the worst care someone can receive, whether there or here in the U.S. where the jobs are farmed out to people who have no connection with the community.
    Rant away because you have a sisterfriend here to rant with you!
    Many hugs to you.....


  10. Dear MaryAnne

    I feel so bad for all of you. Your poor father needs help not just to be sent home. There must be some kind of senior help for him. You should call the social services at the hospital and throw it back at them. That is what they are there for to help people. Gas medicine - bah!

    Do you have hospice services up there? I have been gone so long now have no idea what there is up there. It sounds like it may be getting near to that now.

    Hugs to you all.


  11. Oh Mary Anne, how frustrating! You rant anytime you need to. My mom was recently chatting about the days when a Dr. would come to your home. Ha! Those days are long gone.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jack & your dad.

  12. Make room on your soap box for me! That's totally unacceptable behavior for the hospital personnel. I'll rant right along with you.

  13. I hope they can do something to help your father asap. A worrying time for you.

  14. that is absolutely outrageous!! How can they leave a man without being able to eat. I am so annnoyed and feel very upset for you. I hope you all take care and I am thinking of you all. xxx

  15. I have such anger along with you at this lousy treatment. Is his primary care physician able to go to bat for you? and can you get a homecare doctor to come attend him? in our case when there was a need to get Andy to the hospital, his homecare physician did all the arrangements, fixed up with a doctor in the hospital, not the ER doctor, to attend ready, and generally was there for us. It sounds as if something of that kind is an urgent need for your family, too.

    Meanwhile, I do feel for you, and you know I have been in similar situations. Hold on!


  16. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Oh MA....sometimes you can only wonder..Is it worth it?? Rant all you want. We are here to listen.
    Mrs Noofy

  17. I'm so sorry you're having to go thru all this, MA. And your dad, too.


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