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Friday, September 24, 2010

Garden stuff (and update)

 Where, oh where, do you suppose the owner of these is?

Did he fall in the rain barrel along with his shoes??

Here is just part of our butternut squash crop (we've given several away already, and eaten a few too).  The green ones are a heritage variety that we thought we'd try out this year. 

Good thing we like squash!!
Update on Dad - No supper for him last night.  He tried to take the pill he was prescribed (for gas) and it refused to go down so that was the end of that.  We thought perhaps he took it too close to attempting to eat so he tried another one this morning about half an hour before his breakfast.  It sat (along with the sip of water) in his throat for at least half an hour before it finally dissipated.  He has managed to get one of those liquid meal replacements down since, but there is no way he can even contemplate anything else no matter how liquid it is.  

Our next dilemma is how to get his pills down - the nurse this morning suggested grinding them up and putting them in some applesauce.  We'll try that at supper and see what happens.  Somehow I'm not holding out much hope for success with that either.

And - calling the doctor this morning was a wasted effort.  They don't have office hours on Fridays.  

Thank you all so very much for your comments and prayers for my Dad - I appreciate them so much, as does he. 


  1. Applesauce works, but you might need to add a little apple juice to thin it. I've used yogurt too. I know they have those smoothies of yogurt; that might mask the taste.
    You squash harvest is most impressive, and I will be anxious to know how the green variety is. I bought *ONE* butternut squash as DH thinks they will kill him for sure......(only if used as a weapon! ha!)
    Take care!!!


  2. Are they just a bunch of nincompoops there. Of course he can't swallow a pill. People with perfectly good throats have trouble with pills sometimes. Have they ever heard of a shot.

  3. I forgot about the shoes. If they are Crocs and it looks like they are. They are the most comfortable shoes ever.

  4. Hmm, does he like ice cream? I wonder if scrambled eggs would be too much. Porridge? Baby food? Would it help to take him to an emerg in TO?

  5. My thoughts are with you and your dad Mary Anne. I hope you can find something that he can get down.

    Your harvest is amazing! Come Spring, I will be converting my perennial garden to an herb container garden. Can't wait! The perennials have taken over and I'm tired of messing with them. A container garden will be easier to maintain and it will smell good!

    Hugs to you and yours!

  6. That's a fantastic butternut squash crop, you must have an acre planted out. I only got 19 this year. My sympathies for Dad, it must be so heart breaking for you all, and no surgery hours on Friday? what the ....? Oh, well of course, they open on Sunday instead - as if! hugz, k.

  7. You are the butternut king and queen!

    Healing wishes to you and your father


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