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Monday, March 15, 2010

Our grand-kitty

#2 son and his girlfriend were visiting over the weekend and they brought their kitten along. He is a total live-wire and kept us laughing (and our animals hopping) all weekend. He had absolutely no fear of our critters and confused poor Gypsy (llasa-apso/shih szu) no end. She's used to playing a chasing game with Cosmo (who obliges her by running away). Stewie flatly refused to run and Gypsy didn't know how to react.

Hopefully, in these pictures you can see some of the Bengal spots and stripes. It's awfully hard to get a decent picture of something that doesn't sit still for more than two seconds at a time!


  1. Mary-Anne - your grand kitty is beautiful! Thanks for sharing and thanks for posting about my pattern!

  2. Gorgeous background with the thistles and other flowers. Very swish. Little sweetheart GKy too, love his colouring. Kaite

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Love your new family addition. A grand kitty...ah even that would be nice! Beautiful colour.
    Mrs Noofy


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