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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another installment....

There are more pages in this little book. Do you want to see them all? Leave a comment & let me know! More 50's fashion!


  1. oh my look at those toneless stick arms--and we worry about today's skinny models!
    i do like that sleeveless 2 piece :}

  2. This book is to visit your last post and see more of it...thanks for sharing. ox

  3. wonder where i can get a corset that will hold me in so tight!
    i don't need to see any more of the book, you've kindly posted up my favourite pages, thankyou.
    I've finsihed the shawl and it sits well, but have yet to take a pic. K.

  4. Love those vintage dresses!
    the alphabet is beautiful; I was looking at the close up details on each letter, the engraving that was required to produce each one is mind boggling.
    You have a treasure trove!


  5. That capelet dress in view G is fantastic - how daring to have a front zip!


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