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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Doll Journal for Persia!

I just finished working on my journal pages for Persia (Em's doll). You will remember the ship I altered for her, so it features on page one of the journal. The background is a coloring page I found on the internet which I 'painted' using my favourite water color pencils.
Page two features a copy of the treasure map. The background is one of my masking tape faux leather papers.
Page three has a piece of 'brush-wipings' fabric for a background, some burlap, some fish and an anchor. Page four (below) has another piece of my 'odd' background papers (can't remember how I did it now, but I do know there's some crumpled aluminum foil involved). A piece of metallic ribbon, some chain, a copper garden marker and a plastic shell.

Finally, the picture above is the holder Jack made for the treasure map. It's painted and gold leafed. The map rolls up and fits inside.

Hope you like it Em!


  1. That's a wonderful journal Mary Anne, i think you have a different technique on each page plus all the intricate details about how to find the treasure. You've done a marvellous job. And good on Jack for making you the scroll holder, how great that he is involved as well and supportive.
    Any sign of Spring yet? Kaite

  2. Wow..this is amazing! I love it. Thank you for visiting me the other day. xo


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